Time’s Changing

It’s December.

We can all hear the sleigh bells jingling and see the decorations all around the city, the malls, the houses, even your own.

One thing I can see clearly is how much this year has brought about changes that I never could fully imagine.

I remember around this time last year how I was in a dark place. You could say that I already knew who I was and I would place my spoken word out to the interwebs. Yet I also felt alone. I was in a job that I was not too fond of and I continued to limit who I was as a person, still. I am big in placing words on the screen so that I could force myself to act upon them but I would stay motionless. Cross over to the following year, 2018, and here I am now, a year later.

I managed to see my hometown and the family that I grew up with this year. I fell in love, not like the love that I would preach about before but honest, true unconditional love. I never planned for anything that I now see has happened. Now sure, I could say that I decided upon the key factors but what I mean is that I never foresaw my life 5 years ago to what it is now.

I hear the question, “What do you see yourself doing in the next 5 years?”, the reality is when I hear this question now, I am honest in answering. I don’t know the future. I may plan for something but the reality is that I just look at what is in front of me, today. I know what it is like, hoping, stressing about tomorrow, and the reality is is that it is not worth it. I am certain of what I need and also what I would want but ultimately I cannot allow myself to daydream on what I could be doing.

Life is never truly guaranteed.

I will live on and continue to do what I love, with the woman I love, as long as she will have me because I appreciate and would walk by her side in this journey of life.

I may not write as much as I would like to on this blog but that is because how busy I was before. I am now seeing the change that time brings and the reality is that life is not easy and will never be easy. I will grow and change from time and time again. I am now venturing to a new job, new year, and I know that as a writer and a person who tries to motivate others, hopefully, help bring words that truly encourage you the reader.

Don’t become afraid of the uncertainty or dread tomorrow. Live not dreaming of what could have been or even let yourself be drawn to the past. Learn and grow and see how the time’s changing.

Surviving Happiness

We no longer know what happiness is.

I am right now laying on my bed and wondering what it means to be happy. I remember when it was 2 years ago and I wrote an article about how happiness is a state of mind. Yet to answer the question or even if I was to ask someone, why are you not happy, it would be difficult to answer.

I’ve been in the shoes where you feel as if life is filled with misery and sadness. The reality is that most of the times it just feels like there is a lot to take in. We spend our lives doing so much or feel like we are not doing enough. The world continues to plague us with either version and we let it affect it and blindly follow the lies with things that would try to fill the void. Some try to find it by building a connection to another person who is just the same as we are, others try to fill it with a sense of purpose and so they seek religion, a hobby, a sport, and etc. All throughout life, we try to interpret what it means to be happy and once we have a grasp of it and allow it to fill us when we return to the state from which we arrived in, we begin to look again. Some can say that they hold strongly to some sense of it and never let go, others spend their lives “fighting their demons”.

I have recently found myself in a constant state of uneasiness. It is not that I am not happy, it is more so, I am awaiting the wrecking ball that usually plagues my life, when will the happiness end.

I’m tired.

I have seen my life gone through its own version of hell from left to right without it ever ceasing and yet I continue to push through. There are days where I see my life continue in autopilot and yet I remain, smiling and acting like all is fine in the world. We try to cover up the fact at times that we are all just trying to survive and make it through at least one more day. We are never truly honest with others and those closest to us we merely share that we are “good”. Why are we so distant to one another when yet life is so short?

I cannot account for others but I do know that my life continues and no matter what thoughts may flourish, I try to hold on to what I have before me. I can spend my time worrying but to what avail. Happiness is a never-ending pursuit and the reality is that I no longer wish to just be happy.

I want to to be sad. I want to be mad. I want to rejoice. I want to be surprised. I want it all because the reality and in my complete honesty, it is what makes me who I am today, I am human.

Happiness is a drug that we become addicted to and through the optimism, we forgot everything else that allows us to share in the suffering with others, be empathetic, and etc so we could come together and understand one another.

I am willing to endure any pain. I am willing to endure life. It may get hard and there are times where I want to give up even but I know that there is much to live for still. There is much to love and even there is a time to be in love, even just that is worth fighting for. I am here, now, and though I may disappear or pass tomorrow. Today was worth fighting for and that is what makes me happy, I made it through today.


Most people are controlled by time. We either foxus too much on the past, what is going around in the present, or worrying too much abojt the future.

I’ve seen countless tales through my years where we measure things based upon how long we have known, take the “time” to know, or experience something. Time is in fact a contributing factor in what helps us determine if we are mature to handle certain things in life.

I may not be one to adequately discuss such a topic but I must say that I am one to speak on the matter with a desire to help people not become so focused on it. It is strange to note that I but a man who is, based on human expectancy, a quarter of the age. It just means that I may be seen as too young or just about the point of realizing the meaning of “life”.

We are consumed by the measurement of such a trivial thing of time. It helps us to come to order and allows us to truly grow by revealing history developing. It is recorded and in turn has helped us see our mistakes and better ways to use it.

But what am I trying to reveal by saying that we are consumed by it?

I’ve seen so many people become so consumed with planning ojt their lives that they cannot see that life is truly timeless. Things don’t happen based upon fate or even because it is “your time”, they happen because you learn who you are and learn what needed to be learned to advance to the next stave in life.

I’ve seen the common tales when it comes to love, it was “time”, or so they say. But that was not the case. Love cannot be measured, this is the reality, though it can be shown to be true by time, it dors not mean that one moment supersedes another. Time no longer is a factor in such tales of love. Poets speak about love causing time to stand still and this is indeed the case, symbolically.

We become so enthralled by such a notion that it has caused us to truly grow mad. We hold to devices that reveal the schedules we follow. We hold to numbers that provide a sense of order but leave our lives in chaos.

Now to say the least I am not implying we drop time. I am saying that we cannit let it consume us or our daily lives to the point that we lose ourselves a d our freedom to grow. We all mature and grow at our own rates. We get married at different ages, finish school, have kids, and etc, all at different times.

What I implore to you the readers is this, become timeless. Timeless to the ideas of thinking you need to meet a certain person or do a certain thing on a certain timeframe. Instead, begin to see who you are, feel confident and grow from there. Let time measure your history and record a story that will last a century.

Glowing Hearts

Cold empty hearts wrought with pain, finding eternal slumber.

Let thy beating rhythm of life grab hold as warmth is sought by unending desires spurred by love.

Memories of yesterday gone past and present futures seen.

Care to see the perception we face by the mirror’s gaze and see ourselves glow?

We are the image of that which we reflect not only to ourselves but others.

We are the light made to shine, hold to the truth that we are eternal beings filled with love.

Internal Fire

Consume O inferno to regain passions once lost.
The oils drawn from the lake to stop my escape.
Freed bones still tied by dawning reasons in an unwavering soul.
Wolves feuding over the lights disappearance to reveal victory by the meal awaiting.
Such tales of the heat that scorches minds of those cold.
Bringing warmth in perilous nights.
The fire fills bellies with uproars.
Burning fire til sorrows end.

Wish Upon A Star

Times met with shimmering brilliance when I gaze the night sky.

The moment I look into your eyes, storms rage deep inside.

Causing waves of emotions of utter peace with joy, in maddening degrees.

Rising temperatures meeting a cold heart thawed into beating rhythms.

May I place myself in humble apologies because of my desire to be close?

I feel not the need but with solemn reason I declare that these feelings are rare.

Words and inspirations find quivering lips and fidgetting fingers, Wishing to trace your own.

I promise not yesterday nor let the morrow end with my conclusions.

Let me continue in present to be as you see me.

A fallen man who has risen to meet his imperfections and continues to live in confidence.

The strength not my own and though fate is not a word I find with meaning, I hold to the certainty I would never have loved anyone like you.

You are the wish upon a star.

You are my love.

Busy Gee

I’ve been busy.

Ring the sirens and call an emergency board meeting. I cant fully describe what has happened except that I am happy in many ways. Nanowrimo has begun and I have been writing like a mad man. I will post snippets when I can to entice people. This may as well could be another book I get published one day.

I have a culmination of 3 stories I am currently working on. One of them my main focus at this moment, due to it being the current book I’m working on for Nano.

I do apologize to those that follow this blog, first and foremost. I was always one to post daily or every 2 days. Now it seems to have dragged on to once a week. It isn’t because I have lost my passion for this, trust me, I love to write. Though I can attest that my blog has been a paradox. I have yet to identify what will be my main topic, overall it is just the collection of my work and thoughts in general.

Lots of changes have been happening in my life. Decisions I have made and choices that I shall make to further my future career and life. I used to say that writing would be a passion and it may seem that it is just a hobby but I know for a fact I want it to be my career.

Now, am I a blogger? Only those who have followed me from the start can answer that question. I’ve seen the stats that wordpress supplies and in reality, I dont have that massive following like some big blogs have.

Even in the podcast world, the topics we share only relate to issues arrised and those closest to us listen to our episodes.

None of this deters me from what I set out to do since the beginning and even now as I write, I am made aware that this is all a way to help me grow.

You could say that this is Gee_ology 2.0. Things will change and I promise to engage more and keep everyone up to date. As well, inspire others and conti ueling to share stories is what I am known for. Poetry shall continue to fly as I sprout my wings and take flight.

This isnt a new years resolution with a “new me” hashtag or motto. This is all about being the best that I could be and being unapologetic about it. I am Geo, a writer letting his words shape the minds of the world.

The Escape

Escape from these pages O words of sorrow and joy.
Memories spun into letters compiled to give meaning to those lost or finding understanding.
An author of emotions made to publish my own heart and mind.
Thoughts struck by pen or keys to unlock what I’ve met with an empty canvas giving form.
The soul connecting with a once broken body finding its vessel in the mediums where words breed life.
Never ending embrace awaiting a piece of mind in blissful await.
Come forth and escape these chains of limitation.
Yet thy heart and mind speak in sentence but give stories that flow away from locked keys.
When I write, I bleed.

Warmth of Home

I will not let a passing day dissuade me from allowing you to see how much I love you.

Let sweet words ring true and quench lips once thought unsure.

My need for you goes beyond desire and shines as stars give light to empty spaces once void.

Time is but a factor to an endless connection.

Let love be found in the roots.

I speak in honest tones so let the truth continue to filter my heart.

My love forever true.

Continue in life’s journey knowing that I stand beside you as long as shared roads remain.

Memories grown and to the future unknown.

You are home.