Loving Blind

Love is broke, love is poor, love is rich, love helps fix. Truth is love so you can keep the distance. Twisted perceptions with possession of positions. Find the difference between infatuations depiction. I know things ain’t right when what’s left is a broken heart. Amongst the stars striking me with art. Canvas of planets within the ocean of your iris. So let me be honest, study you like a subject. Drawing close to you as I brush away empty promises. Conversations written in finger prints. I touch your skin to read as I’m blinded by love….

Giving Up

To surrender and sacrifice shows not weakness at times but the ability to understand the change that must take place.

I gave up on the idea of perfection a short time ago. I have come to understand my differences. I have overcome my own struggles and faults to the point that I’ve allowed them to make me stronger. No human being will ever equate to being “good” or perfect because we all fall short in our imperfections. My perception twisted by what was showcased in the world and now broken down and restructured to the reality of who we are, who I am.

I gave up on the idea of love. I now love entirely. Knowing I am not just a piece of a half of someone, I now know I am whole. My relationships are deeply grounded in loving unconditionally with the promise of never wavering, no matter the cost. I commit and sacrifice due to the end result and not just a passing of feelings or emotions. My family and friends mean more to me than just people who are in my life, they are a part of my life. There is no fairy tale or notion of “the one”, there is two, two people who work together besides the differences and overcoming obstacles. Time and distance means nothing when your result is set by proper preparation and shaping, creating, the art that is love.

I gave up on the idea of control. Situations arise and the world will continue to rotate. People react differently to the things that transpire in their own lives. We are not rewarded by what we put out but the hard work reveals our determination or our actions bleed out the ill intentions and feeds the consequences, so I cannot believe in karma. People are beautiful in their own ways and so I find who they are but what is said and shown instead of shaping them to an image I set for them. The only sense of control is to control my passions, desires, ultimately myself; self control, so I am not ruled by my emotions for I ultimately determine my own thoughts and what shall come from them.

I gave up on the idea of being someone with a title or possession. My life is not determined by the school I’ve gone to, the degree. My story is not derived by how many exes I’ve had or if I’m in a relationship, single, etc. I don’t need to be seen as happy or successful in the world’s eyes. My identity is now found in Christ, as such, my joy as well.

I gave up on trying. I now do. I now am. I now live, love, grow, learn, teach, write, and much more.

Ocean’s Deep

​Passing summer let me fall into your embrace. 

Catch me within the cold oceans of sorrows long forgotten. 

Memories untold with thoughts sparked by feelings of long ago not shaken. 

Stir this heart to beat O crimson star. 

Must a name ripple through by waves of guilt I hold, now forsaken. 

Brush against this solitude to find solace in words left full of butterflies once fluttering in your skies. 

My actions marked now by scars of who I was. 

Catch the shimmering reflection seen in my eyes. 

Keep my name for it is yours and til the Earth releases me, I know the space between the Heaven’s leads me home. 

Let me drown in your oceans and I will reveal the treasure that you are within the deepest reaches of your soul. 

I’m Still Alive

Well, I’m alive.

Jokes aside, I know how many people have experienced the effects of Irma. I’m still feeling the effects of Irma. I currently am writing this while trying to conserve battery. I have no power for the past 3 days.

One can argue that my electric company is the slowest in the world but I’m going to digress and be understandable. I can come to the conclusion that many employees probably are pulling overtime and etc, hardly seeing family. Only thing I can say really is, EVERYONE around my block has their light. There are two companies in my county in Florida, and literally everyone and their mother has power except the people in the company I have. Shocking? I don’t really know but I cant stress about it, I’m alive. 

My trip to the dominican republic is in a couple of hours today. Vacation. That word almost seems foreign to me since I hardly take any. These past few days I’ve just been tossing and turning trying not to die from Florida heat and my asthma.

My depression/anxiety has been acting up as Well as my common dilemma of attacks on my faith. But for now I am trying to hold on and reread a couple of my own articles. I do apologize ahead of time for not properly editing some of my work. If I do call myself a writer, I should really go into overdrive and show how hungry I am, not just to be published but produce my work, properly to my fans and followers-of I have any.

Overall this is my update, I will be Mia again for a week but I will come back with pictures and stories to share. Be blessed all.

Another Day Through the Storms

My boss told me something today as she was telling me about being safe today through text-due to hurricane Irma. I told her, hey maybe it’ll be my time to go, that I endured worst storms than this which is myself, that it was a wonder I was alive. She stopped joking and noticed I was having one of my depressive moments and anxiety. She said not to joke like that, like I have been through stuff but there are people who care. I was already in my head so I responded, doesn’t last long, I’ve only truly seen family stay. She said, one day you will meet someone who is willing to see you Geo for you, that we all Change every day, she told me about how her wife changes every day and year and she gets to see that, that you never really are the same person. She then said, even if I may not be around in the company in 5+ years, I made a significant impact and I shouldn’t let my mind tell me different. That’s the realest thing I’ve heard from someone who isnt really a friend. 

Living with depression, anxiety, OCD, this crap isn’t easy. I act tough and may seem like I have things altogether but at times I truly feel alone, people leave me all the time, I’m not understood or I truly become the villian, people don’t know how much I’ve asked God, Why am I even here. It’s tough. That’s why I help others as much as I can, not for attention, I endure my demons every day and fight to survive, myself. Keep pushing on, you are loved and you are beautiful.

Whether or Not

​The reality and reflection to change is made when great calamity is ready to strike what you once perceived as safe. In times of crisis we either prepare for the storm or flee, holding dear to what we believe is precious to us. Man believes himself to be in control or that which he once held as value, is no longer viable to what will occur. Houses, cars, “things”, can be rebuilt and gained again. Life is truly unique and those around you, irreplaceable. Be safe and take proper measures.

I write these words in regards to the events I now face. I currently live in Florida. As I see people scurrying about and even stores still open, it makes me wonder about the state of people. We are so quick to empty shelves without properly using our resources. We place priority now in making surr that all we have built is secured and safe, yet never really built ourselves to ahare in compassion and help others. Now it is during the moments that when you see that you have Nothing, that you begin to see how rich you truly were and are. 

I have recounted my story before, I was homeless before. I was also not very rich, nights where I came home to no air conditioner or lights because we couldn’t pay the Bill. I remember days where I would pray for just another sip of soda, even a taste of hamburger from someone, anyone. I learned the meaning of value, the hard way. Now seeing people wake to the reality of this world, these things have been happening to others for years, floods, injustice, famine, and etc. We have only begun to desire because it now affects us. 

Where do we stand as a human race, as people, as a person? Does our beliefs define us or our behaviors?

Amidst all the turmoil, I know, that as people, we can make this world a better place. A place made do that our future generations will not endure such a state of life. Where we don’t exist to attain but truly love to create and share with others, not only our ideas, but ourselves. That is why I write this, to help stir hearts and minds, to bring about a change never seen. We can see unity amidst chaos but let us come together before such disasters strike and be as one.

Losing The Real Race

Seriously, I dont mind opinions, I dont mind we discuss as civilized people about race. Just to clear the air, yes, it is found we came from Africa as the root, as well, I’m a Dominican, chinese guy, with most of his family dark skinned before anyone tries to throw shade. 

I’ve experienced my fair share of racism. But listen here people, no race is better than the other. The moment you start saying stuff like, we would be better without “x” race around, you are thinking yourself better or doing the same thing being done against you. Even labelling non stop with stereotypical bull. Blacks endured slavery? Understand as well, not just blacks. Yes, based on timeline with blacks that is the closest we can see racism, but also learn history and know African kings sold their own people and gained just as much as slave traders by selling their people. Natives in their own land were slaves, like in China, the Jews were slaves of those in ancient times and you want to know who enslaved them? Drum roll, Egyptians, where? Africa, for decades, and millions more under oppression. 

No race is justified to have slavery or be under it. Times are different now, we keep letting the elites think we are different as a people. We are not. God expresses love and guides us to come together as one. Jesus talked to a Samaritan, which was something people looked down upon but even Jesus showed love. Like the jew and unto the gentile, he came for all. 

Tired of seeing so many people blinded by race in the sense of color and differences thinking they are better or owed something still. Let us come together and be as one. Had to leave a group cause they got their mentality twisted. Like seriously, oh a certain race started a culture? Good for them, they shared it with the world not secluded it to your “people”. We are art, we are all kings and queens. Get it right. We are losing the real race, which is humanity, the human race.