Love Blossoms

Find me rooted and grown in love. Rising once again to touch the heavens. Let not my bliss detour your notion that I am not grounded. My branches stretch out reaching a connection. Though my leaves meet the fall, it is in love. I can weather the storms. Find my bark speak louder than my touch but if you feel my rough edges do not blow me away. I may topple but I’ve grown to such height, my life is more than a vapor; Connected to nature yet I am free. The wild is not my home, though I may be uprooted from my own. Love lives within and overflows; the seeds carried as a message. Love forever blossoms.


Passing rain, cover me in your embrace.

Let the waters rise and drown sorrows.

Find my thoughts dwelling in the deep.

Swimming to surfaces guided by piercing rays.

Waves carrying me to shore; keep me afloat.

Let the sun now bask me in its warmth.

Time knowing no end as hands touch shifting sand.

Grounded to reality.

The calm after the storm.

You Are Gold.

Don’t fear failure. You can always desire for the results or focus on the outcome. What you forget is what or how you will get to where you want to be. Learn and embrace your mistakes, your failure, because then you will truly grow. There will be many times you fall but guess what? You shall rise again as scripture speaks about, that a righteous man can fall seven times but rises again (Proverbs 24:16).

Your faith is in the certainty of who God is making you to be, not who you are already, you’re a work in progress. “Authentic faith is not believing in God but believing God. Taking God and His word and obediently following Him, Regardless of the outcome…”- Art Azurdia.

Remember that though you participate in this world set your mind in what is above. Remember His promises and know that you have been set apart, loved, and led to a new life, in Him, with Him, through Him, for Him. God allows you to grow by burning and building on your weaknesses, testing your faith like gold through fire (1 Peter 1:7). Jesus said, “It is finished”, as well as saying, “follow me”, trust in God and grow as you live, work and let your faith be built on a firm foundation. You are gold.

Proof Beyond Reason

Might have briefly mentioned this before but I am a co-host of a podcast. We just started doing Facebook live and got more engaged in the social media spectrum. Yes, I know, those of you may be wondering how can I involve myself more if I’m not that fond of it.

Truth of the matter is that we are in a new age and as long as you don’t become addicted to it or focus specifically on the brand, pride, you are good. Our mission is to tackle or discuss topics that are not really spoken about in the church, culture, and etc. We of course use a biblical worldview but in the end our message is to share the Gospel and help others get closer to God.

You can check us out on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and soon we will have our own website. Come and join us. Proof Beyond Reason.

Disputing Time

Why must I continue to count up or wonder if it’s coming up? Like what is it? If it goes up then why must I worry about it going down? Is it because it shall reveal what ends?  The preparations complete or revealing that I don’t have enough? was it wasted? Maybe I should take better care of it but is it really mine to hold? Perplexed, though I retrack statements to measure the weight it holds. How long should I explain?  Should I keep it short? When can I simply say I’ve had enough or desire more?  Digits calculated to explain the passing years; you could honestly say my days are numbered. But we watch watches wondering when we willingly will win. Yet we concede to the flow or stream,  allowing it to define the lines we wait for. I wrestle with the shadows display as days are set by sun.  Hands moving in circles ignoring the dropping sands burying my existence in history. Orbit in system in order of rotation spiraling since the Genesis. Bring me revelation with Z’s or in Greek, the omega. Presenting presents so I can now say it’s past when I later arrive. Before,  I actually clarified,  such a paradox is it not? I guess this is why I now walk and let it pass by,  valuing it,  but sometimes I forget and while I’m here,  I’m disputing time. 

Held by Grace

Even if the night arrives I know you light my world. Tales of old turned to epics. Your story has interwoven to my own. My life once centered in ego now has broken hold and found comfort in your embrace.  Such grace I will never fully fathom. Constant thought of such emotions breaking sounds of silence. Words I keep allowing to flow in waves. Find me in poetry, humbled by your name. Held by grace.