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The beginning of a marvelous journey or so I see myself taking. My name, let’s keep it short, gee. I am currently a 25 year old man. One of my biggest passions early on in life was always to write my own book. In so being the case, I have developed an ideal for writing as a whole, inspired by my passion for reading as well. I am Christian, hence why I categorized this blog or site as religious or spiritual, many of the words I will write will reflect my beliefs and used to inspire those in the faith as well those needing to hear encouraging words.

I don’t believe myself to be well suited to be a spokesperson for anything in reality. But, I have found that even with my introspective characteristics, I love to write and help people. In turn, this site or blog was made for the intent of doing just that. I will not say I will constantly be on here but I will post at least weekly a topic, if not then every other day. For now though please stop by and show love. Take a journey with me. God bless.

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