It’s ok.

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Words that spark a desire of knowing you are truly good. We go through so much in life. No one truly gave us a book and told us, here this is how you will survive “your” life. Sure we can reach out to philosophers, counselors, doctors, pastors, and they can encourage or help us understand life and ways we can improve. But truly, no one explained to us as kids besides our parents how life will be. Even they have no clue what we will face or have faced.
Everyone experiences things differently. As I grew up, I thought it to be strange how I shifted from an extrovert to an introvert. The more I knew or began to understand, the more comfortable I became with knowing myself, enjoying being alone, becoming “wise”-so to speak- and being “quiet”. I began to hold my tongue and prefer actual, intellectual, deep conversations and truly disliked small talk. I thought something was truly wrong with me, but no.

Apart from who I became I experience much as well in the matters of life itself. I was fortunate enough to finish high school, though I was homeless during my sophomore and junior year for awhile. I had a very hard life growing up. My parents always tried their best. We would constantly move every 2-3 years, I was used to losing friends and experiencing change. I never truly knew how to hold on to things. That is until I began to value time and people.
Through it all I was told about things I should do or ways I should act yet I began to notice as the years passed that really, it’s ok. Its ok to be yourself. Its okay to sleep in at times, to experience new things, meet new people, fall in love, let go, change. Every new experience, lesson, person, helps you become who you are today in this moment or who you are going to be. It truly is amazing. It’s ok. Be goofy, be weird, dress up, take pictures, capture pokemon, read books, text that special person. Life is short and if you simply want to be lazy for a day, do so, it’s ok. We live in a world where rules are placed but truly no one truly knows what will affect us. I’m not saying do whatever you want, be conscious about it with a sense of morality. What I am saying is, it’s ok, sometimes things happen, sometimes we want things to happen, you are not perfect, the world definitely is not perfect. If you continuously chase after love, truth, wisdom, and are willing to grow and share all of who you are with others, you will see that it is …. Ok. You don’t have to live a prosperous life of materialistic riches when you are rich with love amongst people who care about you. Just words I feel I have to share, it took me awhile to learn it but I know that no matter what, as long as God continues to work within me….It’s ok.


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