Facing love

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In every relationship people tell you things like, it’ll get better, you will find someone better, they don’t appreciate your value, they never deserved you, and etc. Truth is, sometimes we are not ready, the other person may not be. You allow your insecurities to come into play, you start assuming, overthinking, anxiety, and various outside factors comes into play.

At times we truly don’t have control over a situation. But also love does conquer all. It finds a way through any problem, any situation, any distance. But with love you must understand that to have fully functioning relationship you need also trust, respect, and a sense of devotion or sacrifice. You may allow your emotions to take control but you can’t let it drive you. There isn’t a secret formula you can follow. Each person is unique and different, it is all about truly getting to know someone.

Balance is necessary in all aspects. We try to rush into things and that is never how it should be. Love and the relationship itself should flourish on its own and evolve to true love. They say there is 3 stages to every relationship: 1. Honeymoon 2. Revalation 3. True love

Upon the honeymoon stage you are infatuated to a sense with the person. They seem perfect to you, you always want to be near them or around them. Talking to them day and night and dreaming of the future.

The revelation stage revolves around the beginning of truly getting to know the person. You begin to see their flaws, their mistakes. You begin to have fights. But don’t get me wrong, every relationship has their fights. Most relationships never make it past this nowadays because various situations. You can either let it all affect you or grow as two people and learn to value someone else by working together hence the next stage.

True love, we constantly hear the tales from stories, books and movies. True love is the stage where you understand you work together or change as a person because you truly see past the person’s imperfection. You two help each other grow. No matter what fights or mistakes one has made, you genuinely want to be with someone . this all in turn is what people would call unconditional love. Once a relationship tends to truly find its footing with trust, respect, devotion, and love, true love, it tends to last a long time.

One must understand first that it all depends on what foundation you truly build on. As upon my beliefs, I believe in all the factors on what I talked about as well. Like I explained in my other article about love, it is spiritual, emotional and physical, the connection they make.

Love is an adventure and I learned the hard way what it is by what love truly is. Love is an amazing experience and even if your heart breaks it allows you to learn and grow.


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