Secret of Life

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I’ve discovered something I’m not entirely sure many would accept. I’ve spent countless hours trying to understand things around me. The more occult the topic was, the more I would try to disclose it. I never quite pictured or come to the conclusion of what I now see or understand in this very moment. I presume that just by the title of this little article many would be intrigued. Maybe I do have the secret and just like a quote I heard the universe will start all over again, maybe. But what I am trying to express now seems to come from my experiences in life.
Life, such a word that many still try to add an actual image to. Others suggest that the word itself cannot be explained but felt. What I’ve found is that it is all the above but more. Life is meant to be lived. Boom, secrets out, i know, I know, some of you might be like, “that’s it?!”, but let me explain. The secret to or of life is that there is no secret.
We always try to add in or find our “purpose” but never truly consider the fact that simply what if we just lived. Honestly, we are told what to do in life, eat, study, get a job, find your career, get 2.5 kids and finally buy a house-that’s mostly in America though. Most people have these grand dreams and they have a drive to see it accomplished. But what if I told you that in the end of it all, it is all in vain. Like truly, the money you store up is not going to chase you into the after life of you believe in the beyond and if you don’t it merely gets collected by someone else. In today’s age, money is just a digital amount that is transferred and ultimately just loaned to you and has no value.
Now, I’m in no way impeding anyone to follow their dreams. We do have a purpose in a way, but it is, in my opinion, to find yourself and share who your are, your gifts, follow truth and show/share love. But this is all included in what I stated, to just live. We focus on the future and lose our sense of being present. We also begin to rush into things and never fully commit and when you are near the end of your passing life, you begin to realize you should of lived instead of just exist. It is difficult to fully have someone understand it, we all want to know our purpose, we all want to know the future, find our “one”. Honestly and being as true as I can be by my experience, life is simply meant to be lived.
We create the life we choose, it is only boring, bad, happy, depending on the situation and environment you are in. If something is not “good” you have the choice to change it. People see this and take advantage, they become greedy because they take advantage of the false hope people have. What I can tell you is that you must decide on the life you are living and follow the goals you set forward. But don’t lose focus on what is truly important. Money is a necessity but let it not be your focus or any materialistic possession. I see so many people trying to uncover something that is revealed plain as day. Live, truly live, that’s the secret.


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