Be You

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When’s the last time you looked in the mirror and were content on who you saw? When is the last time you were content with who you were in general? I’ve spent countless hours and days wondering the questions I just asked. I was always the type to look for something to fill myself or to feel happy. I never understood something that’s taken me this long.
In truth, I was the person who would spend countless hours playing video games, I would drink, I even tried finding it within someone else. I was young and reckless but because of those experiences it made me realize the importance of who I am.
We all try to look out or even try to copy an image of someone else, looking for our identity. As we grow up, we are told to chase after our dreams, but we forget to realize that we must first see who we are before we chase in full throttle our goals. Instead of trying to be someone else learn to take in everything around you and find yourself. You are not the latest trend so that when it changes, you have to. Even amongst being with someone else. No one other than yourself will complete you in this physical existence. You are your own person, when you realize this you begin to see who you are. It took completely being broken to understand, to find myself. It does not mean you lose value being with someone else and being as “one” or a team.
What I am trying to get through anyone who reads this is this, be you, learn to experience different things. You can travel, try different hobbies, hear different genres of music, spend time with yourself. I never knew that my zeal would always be to write in the end, yet here I am. We can always find a way to escape by doing something but never let it consume you. You are your reality and every waking moment or second you are alive, you are unique, beautiful. Don’t let anyone fool you or try to to discredit these words I am going to tell you, you are amazing and wonderful just as you are, yes even if there are things you might need to work on, do it, but do it in knowing you want to improve, find who you are. The biggest enemy you face is yourself but when you learn to love yourself, who you are, know what you can do and be, you will show the world an amazing change. You reflect what is within and what is sown within derives from what you put in, be mindful, find a true peace of mind. Be you.


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