Lost in Space

21 For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 claiming to be wise, they became fools, (Romans 1:21-22)

Since the fall of Adam sin has been a problem. For generations man has stumbled upon the ideals and justification of what is “right” or “good”. We have assembled what we call or deem acceptable based on past experiences or “rights”. Yet the issue at hand is not necessarily knowing what is considered to be right but in the nature our hearts seem to take and in turn, rebel against God.

In the book of Romans, we see Paul address why God left man to revel in their ways, verse 28 of the first chapter states, “and since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done.”. Since the beginning when Eve was tricked by the serpent and Adam enticed by the woman we see that we are easily pulled to think of ourselves or want a desire to be as God. For some can debate we were made in his image, to love, create, and etc. Yet within our discoveries of self we easily replace our primary focus or center and sway away to whatever is apart from truth and trade it for a lie. Some can state sin as being, anything that is against God, others have said sin is, anything that is apart from God, while some say that it is that which does not glorify or bring worship to God. Because of this, we are dead in our ways, lost in space, still claiming to build that tower of babel and reach to the heavens, with our own understanding, egos, pleasure, and ultimately being mastered by different forms of idolatry.

The grave reality upon any matter or view of the subject at hand is that, no one is “good”. Apart from God, no one is righteous. “None is righteous, no, not one; no one understands; no one seeks for God.”. Yet it is through faith in Jesus Christ for those that believe that we are made righteous (Romans 3:21-32). We are lost and helpless without God. Was it not God who sent the son for all who needed him, that though he leaves us to do what we desire he still loves us with so much grace that he allows a chance to be saved. Yet it is truly remarkable, that though God rich in mercy, took on the charge of my sin, our sin, placed it as his own and died, raised to show power of death, over sin, to bring freedom for those who believe. We don’t recognize the magnitude of this in its entirety, we are as a grain of sand, a small rock floating around an expanding universe and yet the God who made all, came to rescue us within our darkness, he allows us to have light.

Yet through it all, it isn’t hard to find God. “You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.” (jeremiah 29:13). He hasn’t gone any where and he is always looking for those who look for him. God knows all our needs, he longs to be close to us. For though he does not need us, he wants us. When I say or have stated that we are lost is because we are trying to find our way through this life, filled by a void only God can fill. Lost in space, a space that is created because we have departed from God, turning to our own ways or indulging in our foolish ways, wickedness. But God tells us to turn to him, believe in Jesus, die to our old ways, and live in obedience to him, reflecting the light and image of Christ. Be blessed brothers.

Single Moments

You look up, in that instant you see someone you never thought you will see. You are held in awe, your heart beats and without you realizing it, you are ensnared by their beauty. You begin to see them differently. Your mindset changes and you feel something you thought was only in the movies. That single moment, it changes everything.

Everyone remembers their first true love, take it from someone who knows it well. Even amongst the days and months that pile up with the passing of time I can describe the first time I saw her. I’m not going to lie, I can make up a story and say it wasn’t like the movies, love at first sight. It was actually years ago I first saw her and years later my whole perception changed. From talks to one day, I looked up and noticed I wanted this person in my life, in my future. Now those reading are wondering if this is me confessing I’m in love with someone, no, this isn’t even really a love article necessarily but now that I have your attention I can begin.

One moment, one day, it changes everything. There is always something pivotal or reaching its climax that gets you to suddenly shift or change. Even though I may still hold to the idea of love, I understand why certain things don’tnt work out. Looking back at it all and how much I’ve grown and even gotten closer to God it was a huge impact on my life, it was in those single moments. But also in turn it was at the “single” moment. The moment I was on my own that I began to change, to find myself or know exactly what I would want.

Most people don’t look at moments at times as memories being made, life changing experiences, lessons. We seem to continue in life in a constant cycle, we get up, get ready and then “live” yet feel as though we are at an end. Yet it is when we truly see there is more to life that we stop and think, “I can’t do this, it’s time to change.”. Or even looking at the world, your surroundings and wanting to bring change to what is around you. I will say that what I am trying to convey is the notion that, this is your moment. It may come later even but be aware and be present, it is in these single moments that you can find yourself, see your potential, bring change.

The Race for Humanity

Let us run this race, the race that shall leave behind history. From someone who belongs to a Hispanic family I always saw the kind of hate or struggle my parents had to endure because of their background. I also see the hostility and racial tensions going on right now. Though I personally am not black, most of my family are Dominican and darker skinned, heck, my grandfather and uncle are as black as the night. Yet what I am trying to convey is this, we are so quick to talk about these issues and protest yet we are breeding more hate. 

The “white” man is not responsible, we are. We have allowed our culture or society to rebel from love and in turn, turn to hate. We differentiate based on color nowadays. Those claiming they are not racist yet still don’t want to associate with people based on race or beliefs. We have even turned such subjects into jokes. We are conditioned day in and out. Even enticed to act out all for an agenda. Have we forgotten our struggles or even past. Sometimes we forget the African kings sold their own people into slavery. Sometimes we forget we enjoy what one race brings or produces more than our own. 

The truth is, yes slavery has always been wrong amongst people, we were truly created to be as equals yet unique in our own ways, each forming a collective we call humanity. I’m tired of hearing someone can’t hear a type of music cause they are not “black” or even cause they aren’t white. Just stop. All this division is pointless, we should celebrate in our differences and grow as a people. 

My background is rich like I’ve said before. I am dominican, chinese, yet I was born here in the U.S. and though I may appear “white” I am a person. Take away my skin and I have the same biological system as everyone else. I don’t treat myself as superior, why? I’ve learned to love all, to value life. I feel it is ignorance to separate “colors”, it seems the world is always stereotyping though, not acknowledging the beauty it is to be a type of way because of our culture. 
From birth we see it within children we are not born to hate but love. The reality is we are influenced by what we see, hear, and raised. We need to change, all of us. Because in truth we are now all under slavery, slaves to our pride, ignorance, and past mistakes. Let us not forget our history but start a new legacy, led by truth and love. If we continue we will not only be at war with ourselves but ultimately lose sight of what makes us human. Let us all run this race, for life may seem short but we ultimately can decide if we shall change course and head for victory.

The Good Fight

​11But as for you, O man of God, flee these things. Pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness, gentleness. 12 Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called and about which you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.

Life is hard. Many can come to the conclusion simply because the struggles we endure. In all honesty, I was going to make this more into an encouraging article but in turn the words simply are manifesting as my thoughts or feelings upon the subject. I’ve heard all my life growing up, you make life how ever you envision it, life is a gift, you ultimately determine if it will be “hard”. One thing I can say to this is it’s true, but now living the Christian life, I can tell you it’s a constant battle.

To arm ourselves in and put on the armor of God(Ephesians 6:10-18). There is a war, many people don’t see it, drawn to choices or struggles of living within this world we at times forget we were made to be eternal, this world is temporary. Sure, a non believer, atheist, can say once we die we simply wish to exist. Though that would indeed sound nice, I’ve found there is more to my life, that there is a God and so I come to believe in him. In coming to this belief and servitude, I am placed now in the “good fight”. There’s a war between God and the world, sin, death. Satan being the opposing end, the “god” of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4), leading men in rebellion to God, enticing them to follow in their selfish natures derived from Adam. And so here I am, writing of this fight, not merely in a grand scale but a personal one as well.

During my early church days, I was never really taught that true Christians would struggle, we would be persecuted, mocked, judged, and face temptation on a daily basis that many fall prey to. The reality is, being of the world seems easy. I understand why the road is narrow ( Matthew 7:14). Simply by walking or driving to work I would be bombarded by things I see around, from people feeding their ego, to ways to entice lust, temptations, anger and greed sparked through people, wars between brethren, hate, racism, and etc. I can be honest and say one of my biggest struggles is pride, self control in my urges as well, though my focus is now on God, I do not long for the walk alone and would need an Eve because of that. Yet I was always told to be “positive” not give it to God, to look for him though my life in this world may go through troubles. 

I learned that money really is not my focus, God does provide, but as well still battling with my choices of having a decent paying job. For someone who loves to write, to teach the word of God, it would be easy to succumb to a paying job yet the path God is leading me is to teach and write. Even amongst just the sacrifices I’ve made of stopping college to help my family and now in my mid 20s, life is catching up to me, bills, and then things the world claims I need while basic necessities and still trying to keep my family afloat. My chances at actually finishing school or even finding a job in what I truly love seem slim. Yet here I am, writing every 2 days an article, quotes, poems, songs, teaching his word and though I don’t get paid for it, I feel more fulfilled doing this than going to an actual “job”. I consider this job more important, my calling. 

I stand and contemplate on life as a whole, the songs or things we see and just shake my head, we’ve fallen so far. Not even amongst just saying that we drifted from god though we have, we as people are losing sight of what makes us human, our morals, love, everything is twisted. Yet that’s why I am writing this, to fight the good fight, to not lose hope and in a way also show others you are not alone. We are not called to conform, partake in old ways, but grow. It isn’t easy, there are friends who will invite you to things like clubs, gyms where you will hear the music, situations where you will want to serve yourself, but abide in god, for if we truly love him we will obey his commandments and fight sin. We are not of this world (john 15:19), we cannot serve 2 masters (Matthew 6:24), we either serve God or the world (the lust of the flesh and etc which is under Satan). But in God we find refuge (psalm 91:2) and strength. He has given us power through his name and by the spirit (Mark 16:17-18). In Jesus we have peace though we endure tribulation (john 16:33). Our fight is against sin, the darkness, principalities, lies, defending the truth, sharing the gospel and helping one another but overall love for God and people. Remember though this is a good fight, this is war. Be blessed.

The Bird and The Wolf

She was as a bird, free to go where she wanted but felt caged in by her emotions and her anxiety. He was as a wolf, lone in his adventures, yet needed a pack. One day they met in the wild and behold the stars recount their voyage to find themselves and in turn found each other. Broken pieces through fleeting memories, never to be forgotten. The bird who was free to fly away but landed to find her home to sleep in such embrace. While the wolf jumped and felt the wings he never had, upon dreams feeling like reality to reach the heavens. The bird and the wolf. Such a paradox, yet a tale made to be infinite.

The Morning Light

You wake noticing the breath you take. A mistake, the life that you contemplate? Wanting to disinegrate or never truly face fate. Dates passing by through days and years. Clear vision no longer viable as you steer through fears. Near the end but you notice the air, in, out. Mouth inhaling, exhaling and so you try to shout. What’s it all about, for we know not the future. You’re certain you still don’t know your purpose. Still searching within things that can fill the drought within us so we long and are yearning. A passion that we strive to over take us and have us turn and be transformed. We look for it within love, looking to the heavens above. But take a moment and notice what catches your eye. A shimmering light, reflected by that which shines through the skies. Creeping through your curtains and its only a ray. Masked by the beauty of the day yet you don’t know what to say. Lay there, acknowledge it, another second. It’s been given to you as if it is a gift, the present. Another morning.

Your problems may not have gone away but you can be grateful. We forget the beauty and the wonderful experience of merely waking up. To know you woke up. Another day that you can change, be change, or even just impact someone around you. We all strive to be this great person and trust me you are. It’s truly amazing how each person affects someone.

I look back at the choices I’ve made and know if not for my choices some people would not be who they are today. That though I may be just a small grain of sand compared to the universe, I was a part of history. That without me, things would have been different. You are important. I cannot stress that enough nor can I just say I wish I could take certain things back, no. Though I have loved and lost, it is better than not living at all. From someone who struggled to find his identity, I know who I am now, more than ever. And what I’ve learned is to live, truly live.

Be grateful of the life you have now. Things may not be where you want it to be but it’s a new day to push yourself to see the vision ahead of you. Be willing to take risks, meet new people, love, sacrifice. Not everyone will be the next oprah, but you will be or can be what motivates or who motivates the next “leader” of the next generation. The person we look up to, the light that shines through our darkest days. To me it has been God, in the days I thought I lost it all, he shun through. All I can say is to be a light and if you are through your own darkness, if you think all hope is lost, know there will be a morning. But also, take this into consideration, if you can’t see a light, then truly learn to be one and help the flames in others begin to come through, light up others. Be blessed, much love. Gee out.

Why I Believe

​The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being,sustaining all things by his powerful word. After he had provided purification for sins,he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven. (Hebrews 1:3) 

From the days of old we have always asked ourselves who is Jesus. Many claim to believe and either even follow him, from historians to scholars, to his believers. History reveals his existence apart from the scriptural texts of the bible, from pliny the young to Tacitus, Josephus, and etc. In scripture, he is described as the lord and saviour (2 Peter 3:18). As a professing Christian, I believe Christ is not only Lord but God. 

Now to say Jesus is God is a bold statement. John 1:1 states, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”. Jesus himself expressed the Father and him were one, (John 10:30), They are divine in nature. Now to understand the Christian belief, we believe in the trinity. You have God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Three distinct yet they are the true God, each with their own task and economic/relational subordination. Christianity does not submit or believe in three Gods, we believe in one. 

To understand what I believe or what others believe within the faith, we have to understand who Jesus is and why we follow his teachings. He is the son of God the Father, the way, truth, and life. Now you can say, originally we were considered Jews, but upon Jesus coming to fulfill the law, we are no longer under it but it does not mean we ignore it. We are called Christians because we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. He taught us to love God and love our neighbors. Through him and because of his sacrifice, by placing faith in him, we are saved from our wickedness and sin. For the first Adam passed sin and it is rooted in our hearts, the second Adam(Jesus) is our salvation. 

The truth is, Christianity is not a perfect religion, it is a relationship between God and man. True faith is followed by obedience and hence why we as believers follow the example of the Christ. Yet though faith without works is dead, we know that we are saved by believing not by being righteous by being “good” ourselves or what we do. We can do nothing apart from God that will be righteous. We are not perfect and should never claim to be and if we are to boast, we boast only in what God is doing within us (1 Cor. 1:31). The truth is we are all sinners, we are called to repent and turn to God. For we die to our old ways, allowing the Holy Spirit to shape and transform us. We should love our brothers and sisters and shape the world. We are truly not made to live a “happy” life per say or in prosperity, but we find peace in God. For the world rejects us for it rejected him first (John 15:18). Christianity isn’t an easy way out or the Christian life isn’t “easy”, it’s hard. As well as honestly saying not all who claim they are Christian, are Christian. For we shall see what one truly believes by the fruits they bear (Matthew 7:16). 

You can say I wanted to write this to show a distinction to those who wonder why I am so passionate in my beliefs. I was once an athiest, I then turned to theism in the sense of the occult, Jewish mysticism(kabbalah), to thelema and magick, til I fully invested my time and energy to seeking the truth which I found in Jesus. I can say I don’t like titles but Christian is what I am, I am a child, servant, and priest of the most high God. I am sinner yet I’ve been made righteous by the blood shed when Jesus died on the tree, yet his resurrection not only shows his power over death but shows he is and gives life so that all who believe shall find salvation. (Romans 3:1-23) For a just God will rightly judge and a punishment is made, which is hell (rev. 20:14-15).

I am not here to convince you Christianity is real, I am here to share the Good News, the Gospel, and live a life reflecting Jesus, sharing love, seeking truth and serve God/people with the gifts he has given me. My past was not the best, even now I may struggle at times, I am not rich, but I do my best and ultimately try to reveal who he is so that others may see his light. This is why I write, why I believe. Be blessed.


Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation (Mark 16:15)

The great command to all believers, to preach the gospel. Now it would seem it would be easier send than done for the most part. Across the oceans in different parts of the world away from the United states, you have hundreds of believers going to missions and helping those in need. You even come across those who even become persecuted and are willing to die for their beliefs. Now fly and step back to the U.S, here I am. 

As of late, something has sparked within me, a zeal and passion. Now I am not saying that I will get on the first plane and go to some far off country to preach his world or help. What has sparked within me is the sense that when it is spoken about “the whole world” or “to all creation”, it not only describes a 3rd world country but…here. For so long I always wondered why the self claimed Christian nation is in its current state. The truth of the matter is that, America is not Christian, nor were ideals truly Christian doctrine at all. Ok, ok, I won’t get all conspiracy theorist on everyone, but what I’m trying to convey is that America is a field or place that needs as much as the Gospel as somewhere else.

In my case, God is leading me to properly teach where I am, to be present. But even with that being the case, I hear his voice and the spirit guiding me to go and preach throughout. I feel a calling to Georgia or the West coast but still while I am in Florida I will proclaim the Good news. And so I encourage all, go out to your neighborhood, your schools, your city, your state, and share the good news.

I love…Me

“Nobody loves me.”
“I will forever be alone.”

“I’m too difficult.”

“I’m just not ready.”

Let’s be honest, we’ve all at one time in our lives have stated those words above. It’s funny how life really likes throwing curve balls or even God when we least expect it. We are so quick, those who are single, to say these things. Even amongst those who are in a relationship, they believed life was unfair. In this day and age, we are surrounded by a twisted sense of love.

We are told time and time again that to be complete we have to find out “one”. This is in itself wrong and damages oneself. We even develop a sense of what should be. Look at any magazine or “help” books: top ten ways you’ll know it’s a healthy relationship, is he Mr. Right, will she satisfy you, and etc the list goes on. Songs talk about how love is now a game, sex the drive, and not feeling alone is the motivation. Is it right?

Now I know, who am I to talk, I’m single, but bare with me. I’m not going to show you how love should be or even how to keep a relationship happy so to speak. Those aspects have to be experienced and even the supposed greatest “teachers” of love are only teaching you mind games or ways to manipulate people. The truth is love is unconditional and comes with sacrifices, devotions, time, trust, respect and empathy. But even before any good relationship is established you must first learn to love…yourself.

Yes, love yourself. It is easier said than done to say all this. It took a break up from my first true love to understand this. The honest truth is, you will never be completed by someone else. You must discover who you are and what you are capable of. When you are at peace with yourself then you not only grow as a person but someone else will help you grow. Many times there is one person who clings to an idea of love or even to a person and it disrupts the whole relationship. You can’t lose yourself in someone, nor will the world end if that person was to leave you, though it will hurt.

What I am trying to convey is this, learn to see that person in the mirror and truly love them. People ask me why am I suddenly doing these huge life changes, was it because of the break up? No, I just learned and discovered who I truly am, in doing so, nothing is holding me back. I am genuinely happy, I have placed my life in God’s hand and sure I can feel a type of way, be “in love”, but that will not change who I am unless it is to improve. When you acknowledge this, see your value as an individual you will truly see who truly is there and cares for you. Those who truly love you, love you for you, no one should change for someone unless it is to better themselves and not for the person. So I’ll leave you all with this, learn to love who you are, I may speak about it a lot, but it’s a way to motivate a revolution in one’s heart. You are change and once you notice this, the world around you changes with you. Be blessed.

Does it all count?

7 words, 1000, 70,000. What is the value behind it all? I’m hoping you are getting a clear picture of what I am trying to write. Something sparked within from a comment someone wrote on one of my articles. They said that it was lengthy, took time to read. This got me into my smiling and happy state of mind, a child excited during Christmas.

 I have always been told during my texting frenzy that I write chapters and books. It all makes me laugh actually. I love writing, there is no reason to hide it and yes I understand it is better, especially in this day and age, to get to the “point”. But something I’ve always learned writing is this, it doesn’t matter if it’s 1 word to 100, all that matters is that the message or the intention for writing was conveyed, not lost, contains value, and the reader truly feels it or connects. A simple I love you even or I’m sorry for example.

There may be some who prefer to get in depth or even just write a smaller amount. Don’t diminish your writing for anyone, continue to write and if you do edit your work and see you can shorten than do so and vice versa. I’ve read books that were 5 pages that affected me more than a book with 200 pages and etc. Words touch us if they are properly placed and followed by the message and emotions of the author/writer. Be blessed, write on.