To Forgive Is To Love

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“I’m sorry!”.

We have all heard the words spoken to us. We either grow to accept it or learn to just see it as mere words. We can all agree that after awhile the words are just words. For what are words without actions? But there is a power beyond not the words but what we do after which is what I present to you today, forgiveness.

Now it is easy to say we can forgive someone or even just tell them we forgive them. Forgiveness is not an act of showing you have power over someone. Forgiveness is showing how strong you are. To let go of the past or the mistakes someone may have committed. People don’t see the value of it all, to truly forgive, in my opinion is to truly show love.

We are quick to forgive on any small action or mistake but what about forgiving something we would consider grave or big. For example, if you were cheated on or even lied to, what if someone took everything from you? The reason I said for me forgiveness is a sign of love is because to truly forgive you let go of any or all that has transpired. When you truly love it is unconditional.

Now when I am also trying to express is that forgiveness isn’t only about others. Forgiveness is also about forgiving yourself. We can forgive others but we also need to learn to forgive our past, our mistakes, and etc. We fight ourselves or even people we meet and try to place our past or our mistakes upon them and in turn hurt ourselves or others.

Forgiveness is a way for us to get a hold again in our lives as well be able to be free, a grudge, revenge, hate, tends to tie us or chain us dragging us down in our thoughts or feelings. In Christianity our transgressions against God are forgiven by the sacrifice God made for us. In this, or because of this, is where I have come to the conclusion of why forgiveness is a sign of true love. I never had the best past and I also have made many mistakes in life, I’ve been hurt, lied to, broken and etc and yet to know I’ve been forgiven because of it is relieving. Yet it is not in a sense ecstasy or bliss, for me I see it

As a just God who saw past my mistakes and my rebellion to him and yet was willing to die for me. For those who don’t believe in religion, forgiveness is still a weight off your shoulders. It shows compassion and love. You never know the last words you will share with someone or the next time you will see them. Forgive and love, truly love and share in all you do and who you are.


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