I Don’t Know Yet I’ll Grow

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Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God. – Corrie Ten Boom

I used to be afraid of the unknown. I know we all have at one time been in fear of what we do not know. The truth is, I struggle with anxiety at times. To those who have anxiety they know the things we go through. But apart from all that what I am trying to relay is the fact of how we seek to know that which is unknown, the future.

The truth is, we don’t know, we will never know the future. We can have a thousand things change in the very moment we make or think of a choice or do something now. We don’t truly know who we will even end up with or even how long someone will be in our life. To think we spend our days working towards the dreams we have when we are young and then years may pass by and our whole future is completely different.

To know not is not a problem, the problem we continuously have is that we allow the anxiety to over take us, we start over thinking and it affects us. We try to rush into things and yet we lose focus of what we have now. We are quick to think of what will be or could be, that we forget what simply “is”.

There is a beauty with the present or not knowing, they say ignorance is bliss. To me the statement that ignorance is bliss is implied not on mere knowledge but on what is truly never known, the future. We work and shape our future but that only truly happens, today, now. You can be with someone even and instead of thinking or making these huge plans or trying to move forward, begin to grow and be in the moment. We don’t know what will happen in the next hour, day, year.

The unknown is scary, but also the unknown is a way for us to grow. The unknown is also a way for us to take a risk. We don’t know, true, but also we know what we will do to sacrifice to have something, become something, be with someone. Things are uncertain, we truly don’t have control of life, no matter what we believe. In Christianity we are taught that God will provide what we need, we can trust in him, but as well we will endure hardship. As well as showing us that no man knows the return of Christ which in turn shows me no man as well knows the future at all. We learn to live today and worry not of the future, to trust in God. It is not to force beliefs but like I have stated, my beliefs are reflected in my writing and my writing is to inspire and motivate people, to become better.

Are you going to continue fearing the unknown or are you going to take risks as well as living in the moment? Learn to be happy, live, truly live.


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