Stand firm

Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong (1 Corinthians 16:13)

It’s hard. You wake up or even in a brief moment you come to the realization that this life is hard. Like I’ve stated before in an earlier article, I wish someone taught me the struggles I would face in life. Even now as a Christian I find it to be close to impossible if not for the strength God bestows upon me as I rest on his shoulders. Now this article is intended for my fellow Christian brothers and sisters. Like I’ve stated, my beliefs always coincide with my writing. And as I write this I write as well teaching myself but more so a way to encourage all. Don’t give in and be wary of what you hear. Be wary.

Many prosperity or “light” preachers, as I call them, love to preach about how when you give or even how life should be easy for us, believers. This is not the case, that is something I want to clarify. Even scripture speaks about it, from 2 Corinthians 4:8-11, 2 Timothy 3:12, and Matthew 5:10-12. I mean what did Jesus himself even tell us, if any one would come after him we must be ready to give up our life (Matt. 16:24). 

Now that I have gotten your attention I want to truly talk about the issue at hand? Where do you stand? When I say to stand firm, it ranges from where is your foundations? We all know that a building with good foundations shall not crumble and this in turn allows us to view our bodies, for are the not temples? (1 Cor. 6:19-20). Why do we continuously grow in anxiety or even revel still within our sin, abide in worldly things allowing it to change us? Have we truly died to our old ways? Like Paul spoke, there is something within me that still sins, our flesh tries to claim and grab hold. But we must not let our wickedness consume us, our egos for do we not serve a righteous and just God? The things we watch, do, say, do they truly glorify God, encourage and show love to thy neighbor? Scripture tells us specifically, in ALL we do may it be for the glory of God. These are all questions we must truly ask ourselves and not to get a sense of religion but of where does our faith truly stand. 

It is said in scripture our faith will be tested like gold by fire. Life isn’t necessarily “hard”, life is a gift, life is God, life is beautiful. What transpired through life or situations and circumstances determine how we perceive it and define it ultimately, hence why we call it “hard”. Even if one isn’t a believer, have you built your foundations upon fabrications of false dreams or lies and hence chase after the paper, fame, girls, guys and etc. We fill ourselves with things that have us stumble, false sense of love or even try to establish a purpose when we should learn to love ourselves, others, help one another and seek truth, grow as people, being a true community, a body. 

Now I’m not saying that we are all wretched, I’m asking and having you realize as well as myself, where do we stand? To say we trust in God yet grow anxious of the future or worried about what could happen. God allows us to grow, by the spirit we begin to change and our old ways are no longer part of us. There is a radical shift in a believers life when he first becomes a believer, they call it the honeymoon phase. But there is that moment that God steps back for awhile and you think it’s quiet, that you can do it on your own, appear righteous, tend to religion, a way of works and then you stumble or your ego gets in the way. The truth is we all need God, everyday in the good and the bad. And trust me it will feel like you are always going through the bad but God is with you, the world rejects you because it rejected him first. They will question why you no longer partake in your old ways or what they do (1 peter 4:4-8).

What I’m telling you is this, stand firm. We boast not on what we do but what God is doing within us and what he did for us. It is salvation by faith through Grace and Yes faith without works is dead but we understand and fear god, out of respect and love We abide to his commandments. We believe in a living God and though the world may mock us, even though there are many who claim to be christian out of tradition, be wary of their fruits, correct and teach your follow brothers and sisters, love, truly love, honor God, your parents, and live a godly life. It is “hard” but with God you walk deeply rooted in truth and life upon the narrow path. Remember you are not your past, worry not of the future but be present and work for a better tomorrow. Be blessed. Stand firm. Don’t give up. Find someone to help you as well, we are not alone. If you are struggling with sin and etc, find an accountability partner, a friend, a pastor, etc. We may fall but like death because of the sacrifice, we rise.

One thought on “Stand firm”

  1. Amen. I find reading this very timely as I scrolled down today’s feed and see some Muslims with the intent to deceive tag their stuff Christianity to challenge Jesus’ deity.


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