Does it all count?

7 words, 1000, 70,000. What is the value behind it all? I’m hoping you are getting a clear picture of what I am trying to write. Something sparked within from a comment someone wrote on one of my articles. They said that it was lengthy, took time to read. This got me into my smiling and happy state of mind, a child excited during Christmas.

 I have always been told during my texting frenzy that I write chapters and books. It all makes me laugh actually. I love writing, there is no reason to hide it and yes I understand it is better, especially in this day and age, to get to the “point”. But something I’ve always learned writing is this, it doesn’t matter if it’s 1 word to 100, all that matters is that the message or the intention for writing was conveyed, not lost, contains value, and the reader truly feels it or connects. A simple I love you even or I’m sorry for example.

There may be some who prefer to get in depth or even just write a smaller amount. Don’t diminish your writing for anyone, continue to write and if you do edit your work and see you can shorten than do so and vice versa. I’ve read books that were 5 pages that affected me more than a book with 200 pages and etc. Words touch us if they are properly placed and followed by the message and emotions of the author/writer. Be blessed, write on.



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