Single Moments

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You look up, in that instant you see someone you never thought you will see. You are held in awe, your heart beats and without you realizing it, you are ensnared by their beauty. You begin to see them differently. Your mindset changes and you feel something you thought was only in the movies. That single moment, it changes everything.

Everyone remembers their first true love, take it from someone who knows it well. Even amongst the days and months that pile up with the passing of time I can describe the first time I saw her. I’m not going to lie, I can make up a story and say it wasn’t like the movies, love at first sight. It was actually years ago I first saw her and years later my whole perception changed. From talks to one day, I looked up and noticed I wanted this person in my life, in my future. Now those reading are wondering if this is me confessing I’m in love with someone, no, this isn’t even really a love article necessarily but now that I have your attention I can begin.

One moment, one day, it changes everything. There is always something pivotal or reaching its climax that gets you to suddenly shift or change. Even though I may still hold to the idea of love, I understand why certain things don’tnt work out. Looking back at it all and how much I’ve grown and even gotten closer to God it was a huge impact on my life, it was in those single moments. But also in turn it was at the “single” moment. The moment I was on my own that I began to change, to find myself or know exactly what I would want.

Most people don’t look at moments at times as memories being made, life changing experiences, lessons. We seem to continue in life in a constant cycle, we get up, get ready and then “live” yet feel as though we are at an end. Yet it is when we truly see there is more to life that we stop and think, “I can’t do this, it’s time to change.”. Or even looking at the world, your surroundings and wanting to bring change to what is around you. I will say that what I am trying to convey is the notion that, this is your moment. It may come later even but be aware and be present, it is in these single moments that you can find yourself, see your potential, bring change.


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