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Sometimes you just want to write just to write. Not to be heard or what most people who are technical consider “ read”. There are times where you just want all the words from your head to just escape. The storm raging inside and with no clue to the cause. It begins with a simple thought and escalates to memories being flooded within.
The truth is, I’ve learned much in these days. I can’t presumably state what about me has changed but people can see it. Yet as well I can feel that something about me is completely different. It has brought me to become more aware of the world around me, the people around me. Life is considered complicated and yet it is actually just simple.

From the recent events or “changes” I’ve seen that we over complicate things. I mean sure we go to school, get a job and then pay bills, maintaining a family, etc become something that may stress you out. But apart from all that when you begin to see even the suffering or hard trails as blessings and a way to grow, things change. I can’t claim to know the answers to life, I’m in my mid 20s looking at my life and just consider all I’ve been through. Ive been blessed with have a family, even if we argue at times, I’m blessed to simply make it to my 20s, yet my past was not the best. Even with all of that said I can honestly say it all has made me be who I am today. I don’t regret the choices and even at tines even though I experienced things that radically changed me i wish i could relive them and not change a thing, such as falling in love all over again.
The thing is, my life’s been good. I’m not rich and I haven’t gone to some college and am within my career field. Even with still considering myself a writer and not being to write, I find joy in spilling out words that come from my heart or soul. It isn’t even the case that I want to see someone like my article or what I post, but so that I can connect and in turn maybe teach someone who needs to hear and think like me. I just want to write and keep on writing, even if it is just my thoughts, if it’s words that are never read or even liked. I feel alive when I write but more so, I feel like I write because it allows me a sense to be at peace, closer to God. I know it may sound weird but that’s just what I enjoy, to write. I thank God for everything and as well for all who read what I write. Thank you.

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