Take Time

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What if you could hold time in its place and just simply look bewildered at everything around? If you could just take in the moment, all the little details we miss, maybe a smile, a scenery we don’t capture. Such it is in life. A life where we are always in the constant move. We forget that we only have this one life and in turn sometimes we keep thinking of the past, the future and forget the present.

I’ve written before about being present but in most cases I also have learned that what I write is a reflection if what is happening in my life or what I’ve learned/what I’m learning. To say we have control in time seems to be controversial yet it is possible to some extent. The truth is we do have control of our lives. We make choices that decide what out future will look like. We can invest out hours to a career we have pursued or are pursuing. We can spend a couple of hours with friends, family, or even our pets. Yet we sometimes one key thing, taking time for ourselves.

We live in a world that has now established the “self” and in turn it has made us selfish or narcissistic to an extent. But as well when we take time and reflect on what is around us we can find a balance we can never find by any rules we might apply by a self help book. When we take time to explore who we are as a person we begin to be present to who we can be. We begin to see our likes and not what the culture or media tries to push on us.

We’ve all heard the saying, our time is now, but before we take those steps, let us first say, let me take the time to see what I need, truly need before I chase after dreams. We can say we don’t want to be single but also we must consider we need time to hrow as an individual and love ourselves and know what is love to properly love. All I can say is take time now, not merely in the sense of being present but learn to truly observe, feel, as if time was still. We do only live once and would you rather just feel like you existed instead of reaching the end and saying you truly lived?

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