Controlling Your Surrender

We all seek power.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there and done that. But what is that? From the dawn of age, man has always wanted to be in control. There is something about gaining a position of power and watching over people. From my own personal experience, though I never wanted spotlight or in a position where I am at the “top”, it seems I always get there. But then again what is “power” or being in “control”?

Let us look at our lives, we try to control the situations around us. Because of our fear of the unknown, want to gain a sense of control, so we build walls or push people away. Apart from anything else we try to control our lives as well in the sense of the future. We spend ours in schools or at work to try to gain a sense of control. Yet we feel the gravity of the world and in turn, turn to things which has us feel no control, become entertained or a substance. Then the question arises, are we truly in control? Or are we slaves to that which now masters us?

Let us be honest with ourselves. Freedom in itself is a concept to have us escape the limits placed before us or in turn leaving one master for another. In reality, we are all controlled by something. Though we can shift this notion and try to even “control” what I say, you can ignore the words or even just listen. We try to be “open minded” yet to have an open mind means we must close it on something solid, deeply rooted in truth and foundations, if not we fall to anything. 

One thing I’ve learned throughout my years is what I’m saying now. We don’t know the future, we don’t know what will happen, the future is ours to forge but only in the now. By being present we release the “control” we think we have which in turn just causes us anxiety or even the past which causes depression. Even as well such thibgs as being controlled by the illusions of the world, like “love” portrayed by the media or even becoming a narcissistic.

We are all slaves to something. It is no lie, it is as clear as day what my beliefs are. I’ll admit it, I am a Christian, with that said I’ve seen things in a different light(no pun intended). I have seen how it is to be a slave to pride, slave to desires, slave to sin, but as well I’ve learned a sense of freedom as a slave of Christ. I never claim to be perfect, I have my own wrongdoings and also a past that may haunt me or uncertainty of my future. Yet I am growing as an individual who is not hindered or wants to succumb to anything other than God as my support. Some can start complaining and thinking I’m here trying to persuade people to turn to christianity, become enslaved by religion, that is not my case. I speak in truth and as well I speak out of a heart and mind changed and renewed by God. To help people understand that trying to feel a sense of surrender isn’t necessarily bad and trying to always be in control isn’t always good. 

Learn to see what controls you, as scripture might state it or other people in the past, what is your God, your idol, what do you bow or surrender to? You will never truly be in control, people come and go, people die, and even the dreams you may have may never happen. But if you truly believe in something than chsse it with all you have, it isn’t a paradox, you do have choices in life but don’t try to dictate others or become enslave to notions which will only destroy who you can be. It is good to have some sense of control, to an extent, self control, change for the better, etc. But listen, We are not made to be copies, the world doesn’t define us, we are not stereotypes. Surrender in pursuit of truth and love for only then we shall see the light and become it’s slave but free from the darkness that only leads to death or a false sense of what it means to be human.

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