Who Am I?

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Who am I?

The very question we ask ourselves when we look at the reflection on the mirror. Follow up questions can arise and again we are bombarded with more questions. Life constantly molding us by experiences and situations. But the question touches me to the depth of the soul as I write now. A reflection to help clarify who exactly is this guy, this guy who is writing this.

I’ve talked about myself throughout my articles, a glimpse of who I am as an individual but I believe I never really properly introduced myself. *clears throat* well let’s rephrase that *cracks fingers to type*. The name is Geovanni, call me Geo, but more or less I prefer Gee. Some people call me differently but I prefer the name which my close friends or family call me, Gee. Now, I am 25 years and as some of you know I went to school for graphic design but in turn life threw a curve ball and my passion for writing flourished. Now I am a writer, I would say aspiring writer but I write so it would just imply that I don’t or wish to attain something that isn’t within me. Though I’ve said it before, I may not have gone to some school for it but nonetheless, I am a writer. I am currently in the process of writing a book, I post short stories on Tumblr a lot, as well as poetry and quotes.

You could say I am a rare breed of sorts. Some people consider me an old soul. Not just for the taste of music, which entails the classics, like classic rock, jazz, mostly conscious rap and hip hop with a strong feel of Christian music. I am a Christian, but I am one that doesn’t consider it a religion but more so a relationship. I also am a free spirit in the sense that I enjoy doing things that I enjoy. I am an ambivert but with more introvert qualities than anything. It’s actually like a paradox meeting me, I can seem quiet and in seconds I would be hollering or making sounds. Now to be honest, there are times when depression or anxiety may strike but God’s been helping me cope.

In my writing, you will see a lot of my beliefs become incorporated but as well take note that my writing, apart from my stories, has to do with helping people. I tend to differentiate or clarify to who I am writing to. If I am writing to encourage or teach my fellow brothers ad sisters in the faith I will do so, if it is for everyone I will merely write to that appeal and direction. Now in no way, am I here to seek fame, on the contrary, I’ve found that through writing I can help bring the message of truth and love to people and share it. I’m in no way rich nor do I intend to be so cause I already feel rich, blessed with a loving family and the few friends I have. Though in short this is who I am, some can read and wonder why should I listen to this guy, you don’t have to, but with what I’ve experienced though I’m young, I’ve experienced a lot and hope to bring encouragement and guide people to the truth, with love. I also intend to share who I am, things I go through so that through my example I can reveal the light foubd in the darkness which in turn I see as God. Be blessed and truly I hope you guys and girls enjoy what I have to write. 🙂


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