Always A Reason

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You wake up and look at the clock, 7am, you sigh and contemplate your next choices. We’ve all been there. Those moments in our lives where we stop and wonder, is it all worth it? I remember days like that or even looking at my life now. I write these articles, create motivational text or images, speak and teach to some and it has me reflect. We sometimes get discouraged if things are not on par with the life we planned.

Let’s take a look overall, we spend our early lives “learning” to survive. Even then we develop big dreams. Yet there are situations or people that come about that seems to thwart your “purpose”. We sometimes think we can be in total control, only to realize that we look at life as we near our end as if fate plays a role.

We experience a lot growing up. Depending on where we grow up or to better word it, our environment, shapes us. Our thoughts lean more on who we listen to or look up to and depending on how we begin to view the world, it will shape who we will turn out to be. I used to believe that free will encompassed the world in entirety but truly I’m seeing a tint of control, order, or what people call, fate. In Christianity, we’re taught God’s in control but as well he let’s people follow their desires. That is why I believe it’s foolish at times for people to claim God is evil, why, because he allows one to live their own lives and people rather live based on their own notion of morality than what is established? We’re so quick to blame and never noticed the grand scheme, we decide our choices, people have created this system and culture in this world. There is only evil, because we as well let it.

Some can question what I’m trying to convey and it’s simple. Look at life, there’s always a cause and an effect. You die because of events or old age, you love because you find love or bond with someone. But even looking upon all of this something transcends this. Reason. Now I’m not trying to describe the sense of logic and reason. But more so, there’s always a reason. You work because you need money to pay bills. You marry because you want to spend the rest of your life with someone and build a family. But these reasons seem necessary to some yet there is something more you begin to see as you mature, you ask yourself this question, what is my reason for being?

The question we all ask ourselves, our reason or what is our purpose. If we were to properly think we are but a small insignificant occurrence in space and time would show us to be of no value. To think we are products of an anomaly, mistake, there is much more in my opinion. Though I can attest I hold to the faith of a Christian this notion sparked even when I was an athiest. I’ve always been curious about life and my own being. Looking back I could see the lives I touched and changed. How my story was interwoven in such a way that without me or others, history would change. This in turn shifted my reasoning. Why was I doing things I normally would do? Why do I write these articles, on my blog, and etc? I could so easily do something else yet here I am. In grand part I learned this, to never forget nor be discouraged. We pass through life and experiences change us, we do things yet think of certain things as “boring” but always remember there’s a reason. There’ll be people you meet to help you grow, events to shape you but as well remember why you do qhat you do. There are reasons that shape us and reasons why we continue to be shaped. Life can truly never be fully understood, time is against us but even with that said, learn to find your reason, and then you will see the reason worth living for.


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