Love Freely Given

Ah, one of the topics and subjects I love talking about. Those that follow my blog know it all too well. In grand part I can confess, I am a romantic but be aware in essence my views have changed a bit. Uh oh, no, don’t get scared I still hold to its value but as well something more. Now I will not say that I am not in love at this moment, but I am single. Still I feel like I can talk about it because of knowing what and depending on beliefs, who love is.

We’ve heard it all before, “For God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son” (John 3:16). We’ve also touched upon the verses in Corinthians about what qualities or characteristics, follows love. But here is what I’m going to touch on today. Love in its truest essence, to give, to sacrifice. 

Love is sacrifice, love is giving. Many can turn tail and run for the hills, I mean aren’t we taught nowadays what someone can give us, instead of what we can give them. The greatest act of love to me is Jesus taking my sins and bearing them on the tree and dying for me. A wicked, unlawful human being who rejected the almighty, good, sovereign God, yet Jesus came down and took my sins and died. But not just that, but as raised from the dead to show and give life, breaking the chains of death. It’s repeated time and time again in scripture, God gives his people what they need, even if they turn from him. Such is the case with love at its core. 

I’ve read, seen, and heard how “love” should be but hardly how it is. In relationships people ask themselves what they can get from that person. People can even jump to conclusions and just want sex or estimate a gain, monetary or emotional, to benefit themselves. We’ve turned to a selfish generation for the most part. We let narcisstic tendencies within social media dictate or inflate our egos. We look for likes or hearts, comments, or views more than we do genuine understanding and etc. It pulls at my heart when I see such things, understanding from a Christian perspective how God feels. Many ask why do I act religious or seem like a fanatic, radical. It is not that I’m acting, I just see love and in turn feel compelled to serve and worship God, in doing so I abide to his commandments. To love God and thy neighbor. Even then within it all I see to love is give.

Jesus said, “It is better to give than to receive”. Such the case I’ve allowed that to be the reason I love and try to let others see. A love that is rooted in selfishness is one that is controlling, setting things to one’s terms. It turns to emptiness and deep discontent. Though still bound, infatuation becomes a focus while you may blame the other, seeking your own advantage or independence. In truth, true love is a union between two broken, imperfect, people coming as one, pouring themselves into eachother as they give themselves to one another, for who they are and will become. It isnt what you gain but what is given. It isn’t about you but the other person. Pride is replaced by humility, jealousy with trust, fear with trust, loyalty, respect, compassion, devotion, time, all unconditional. Even with that said, we forget not our value as a person but still recognizing it is about loving, to love is to be in love and in doing so you know love. In Christianity we do what God commands because we love him and if we do not it shows we do not love God and if we do not love God, we do not know him. (1 john 5:3). 

I can say it repeatedly, I am young. Only at 25 years old and yet I understand only what God has revealed. There is much for me to learn. I continue to be patient awaiting my wife. Though I pray let God’s timing be when he knows me to be ready I cannot lie and say I’m not in love at the moment like I declared before. I feel at times that true love doesn’t really leave, even if it ends with a certain person. Yet one cannot let someone be an idol or ultimate focus apart from God. There is a reason we grow or “fall” in love. You don’t necessarily fall into it but pour it out, your walls or defense falls, you reveal who you are, your naked soul. And it is rare for someone to come along and accept you for you but it is a beauty and marvel when they do. Yet as well, know that  in love it encourages, motivates, and gives strength, support, to one another. Love cannot be half hearted, a love that is not balanced will crumble any relationship if it  not in firm foundation.

 In turn, though we can rejoice in being loved, learn first to love and what is love also acknowledging who you are and that you are loved, family, friends, and above all God. He knows who we truly are and he isn’t waiting for you to get ready for him, he already died for you, he asks for you, to give yourself as he gave himself. To die to ourselves, our egos, repent and follow him, giving your life for him, for his people, kingdom. Just the same, learn to love your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, parents, friends and etc. There is hope, faith, truth and love but the greatest is love, remember that. Be blessed.

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