My Pursuit of Truth

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I’ve heard a common misconception about me. Some may claim I’m very opinionated, now let me be clear about this. I know fully well the difference between the truth and an opinion. If I were to refer to my opinion on matters, I would clearly say it. Otherwise I would always reference what I am conveying. Such it is with people who disregard what I say as rubbish or ignorance because I am a Christian.
I can introduce what matters and say I believe in God and absolute truth. People can say no and say their is no God but that in itself is an act of faith and how one rules it “relative” truth which is in fact an opinion. To claim there is not, implies your statement or belief is absolute which contradicts the notion of relativism. Then again it means you hold the “truth” but can be seen as an opinion. Truth in itself is absolute or plainly validate by proof. 1+1=2. Earth is round. One can try to use the elephant theory of the blind men but then again it is an elephant. Your view is impaired because one cannot get a clear picture of it unless studied from all angles.
Just the same people think I do not uphold to scientific laws or say things like Jesus never existed, bible is man made etc. To be honest, I do believe in science, in the sense of how we came to be, I’m not 100% certain, God could just have created the world in a day or 6, or taken years to make as scripture says one day is like a thousand years. Jesus not existing is ludicrous because even external sources reveal his existence. Bible being man made, in part yes it was compiled by man but as well they are historical accounts as well as revalations given to man and it took years of precise investigation to come together. The early christians didnt just say put everything into one and see here is the bible, everything was looked into to match the original writings and to never contradict the prophets words which came from God. Now to say it is a myth of it all and we can’t believe it means we cannot excuse our own teachings. Man is without error in the search of knowledge, we change our books every few years with the more evidence we find. And though I can defend and reveal how the bible is historically sound or how it may reveal even science in it’s texts will not amount to anything unless one believes as well in the end. It all amounts to change of heart and faith.
I search for truth always and I do so being a Christian, from someone who was an athiest, to following jewish mysticism, Buddhism, occult, magick, to religion, to Christianity for I do not see it as religion. I always try to encourage and motivate people to search for truth on their own. But as well though it may seem like I push my beliefs, on the contrary, I’m doing what is told of me by God, to share the truth I have been revealed regardless of the consequences. My beliefs are my own, I follow truth and I will respect people as a whole, sharing in love what I know.


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