I Am But A Man

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Many people ask, “why should I care about all this ‘conspiracy’ or ‘truth’, if it doesn’t affect me it doesn’t matter?”. *takes a deep breath* How dare you? Doesn’t affect you? Really? Let me remove the gloves and take off my smile. This affects ALL of us. Since the days of Nimrod and his rise to power, to the belief man was a God, to the origins of most religion, to the worship of the sun God, the one who brought fire, not a delusion of Jesus but of Lucifer(Satan) taking his throne on this earth, Babylon, to the new Babylon taking form. There’s a class of people who deem themselves the elite and worship this deity. They have, for years, manipulated our culture, education, way of life to complete their agenda. It isn’t about ignoring it anymore, just doing so proves they have already brainwashed you. Saying it doesn’t affect you reveals an even greater sense of ignorance I’ve ever heard. Also displaying the side you have chosen, to do nothing implies a sign of conformity and surrender. 

The truth ive come to realize is people honestly don’t want to wake up from their fantasy. They are comfortable, as the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah ran rampant in their wickedness so shall we, believing there is no judgment, that our future generations will not pay the consequences of the world we are shaping for them. What has happened, O you people who marvel and bow before our own creations or place others as idols, though filled with imperfection? Why do we continue to live as mere fools upon the wake of our race decaying? It is not an egocentric act we speak boldly about the things that have transpired or will transpire, it is out of love and love. We risk our lives sharing this information, men, women, have died to spread it. This isn’t a jokibg matter anymore or something we can switch off. The system is taking back its rights to enslave. 

We are systemically being programmed to obey. I speak this from the heart, I’ve been in the other side, I only glimpsed the plans and seen passed the veil. There really isn’t a marvelous array of colors at the end of a rainbow in this world, this is a war, not of the physical kind. We waste away our lives as mere cattle and have lost the value of life, of people. We have gone wrong when we began to value ourselves superior than our neighbors instead of out of respect as a family.

 This can seem like a long rant and I can have people mad, but honestly, WAKE UP! This isn’t a movie, people are dying, lies are being accepted as truth, immorality is becoming the norm. We are at a crisis. It can seem all fun and games, share photos, like or double click pictures but where is the changed hearts, where are the people changing the world. And sure the question can be asked, “what are you doing?”, I’m speaking and opening the mind of people. I’m one of those people who spend countless hours researching, losing sleep, I was one of those who practiced magick, talked to demons, spent my time in the debauchery of this world, and for what? My own gain or pleasure? After a few hours I still felt like crap, nothing changed. I was that guy who liked to manipulate girls, for what? A passing of time with no real commitment to comfort my own brokenness? Life is an amazing thing, truly a gift, and we are allowing it to be robbed, shaped, and given a poor substitute. Love is another subject in the wicked experiment. To truly know love and be loved, it is beyond words. To be able to look at someone and be completely naked in mind, soul, body….to look in her eyes and say…you are as broken as I am but I want us to build a future together as we gather our pieces in a strong foundation. 

Call me radical if you will, a hypocrite, though I claim not perfection or superiority by the truth I speak or wisdom It may appear I have. I AM BUT A MAN.  Flesh and blood just like you. I fail and stumble, I bleed, I cry, I get angry, and I face the same temptations. Ive hurt people before and I am sorry about that, truly I am, but I do not regret the choices I’ve made now though at times I wish I could hug one more time, see someone one more time, even kiss. I AM BUT A MAN. We have to wake up, it’s not too late, the state we are in. We can turn back from all this. Through all my experiences I’ve found God to be the answer, to change me. I’ve said it many times, I cannot conform, I will not, and as the darkness stretches over the Earth and those who follow truth shall be persecuted, I will preach truth to my brothers and sisters, til my dying breath, even if I’m ignored. These things that are happening have been foretold and foreseen by people who have awakened to the reality. It is shocking to see people and how they live their lives and yet I cannot say nothing because it is my opinion? Though it all affects us in a grand scheme? Really? We need to get off our high horse and come to understand who we are, what we are going to do, and what can we do as people. This is all I have to get off my chest for now. It can seem like I am a broken record but until the message digs deep and one comes to understand it, it will never stop. I can always talk about cute, love, inspiring articles or words but also the truth needs to be shared and one shaken to the reality we are facing. I can even go into an even broader study but that in itself would be too long. One cannot change the mind of people, they have to do that themselves when they begin to see the light amidst the darkness.


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