God approved

​Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth (1 Timothy 2:15)

You get up and get dressed, before you walk out the door you stop and look at yourself in the mirror. You prepped and made yourself look “good” before you walk outside. This is a normal thing we can say. We always prepare and try to look our best, before a date, interview, or a special event. We do so not only to show others our best version but as well, to feel good about ourselves, presenting ourselves in a manner where we are not ashamed of who we are. As a Christian, I’ve learned what Paul described to Timothy about being approved and presenting yourselves to God. 

As of late, I’ve begun to truly be of biblical sound doctrine. Christinaity to me is not religion and yet I still understand that to truly be known by God is to love God, to love God is to obey his word. In such a way I’ve learned that to be as one approved is to truly reflect the image of Christ and allow the Spirit to shape and transform us. No matter how much knowledge I’ve tried to gain, God provides the necessary wisdom to properly handle truth.

We are bombarded day in and day out, of things we “need” to know or “ways” we need to be. Yet I understand that God has guided me to allow me to use writing as a platform to teach, encourage, and help others. Yet even with all that is being done, I know as well that in doing things or learning, it isn’t about how I am seen but to truly present myself to God. To be able to rightly handle truth, his word and in so doing I invest my time, focus, on God and his word. I shall always do his will and I as well encourage all to do the same. People will judge you or even look at you because of what is said or how one seems. But we should always live for God as one approved.

Let Us Reflect Christ

​There has been a stirring within me to speak about some matters concerning Christianity, in topic, Christians. What is happening to us? How divided have we become? One can disagree with me but when has our choices or views gone before God’s? Are we not told to love one another? Yet day in and day out I see people belittle another because they don’t celebrate a “holiday”, observe the Sabbath, or even believe in “flat earth”, “conspiracies” and etc. Did not Paul advise us, “9But avoid foolish controversies, genealogies, dissensions, and quarrels about the law, for they are unprofitable and worthless”(Titus 3:9). Yet just by stating all this one can claim I am judging but are we not to stand united as God’s chosen people and correct our brothers? What has happened to the men who would learn to bring others to the light and truth rather than boast on what he knows or what he has done?

 For there are those who say the law should be kept and may sound religious, while we as well see the old covenant was replaced by what God has done, granting us salvation by his grace and mercy, through Jesus Christ. But as well we understand the old covenant and laws reveal our need for God but does not save us, the law was intended to point us to Christ but we are no longer under it (Galatians 3:24-25). But as well as Jesus explained there are two commandments and it is to love God and thy neighbor, everything falls into that spectrum. But understand, if one wishes to worship God on the sabbath, than it is by his conscious or choice, while another may be mature in the faith and still respecting the sabbath, worships God on another day, as be sees all days are for God not just one set aside. 

Just in all what I am trying to say is we sound so high and mighty and yet fall prey to our egos. We keep diving into groups instead of coming to God’s word and clarifying flag at is said. Yet if one views something different, they branch out” and another denomination or cult is formed. God’s word is as clear as day, how we interpret it is with the ability and prayer only given to us by the Holy Spirit. To those who claim to be Christian, yet live wicked lives, you are only Christian in a self professed title. Just the same those who consider themselves Christian and yet fall under false teachings, this is to state what scripture says that many will fall to false doctrines. 

No one can get to the Father without Jesus. Without obeying his word, we don’t know or love God. Yes, people decide to celebrate holidays, they do so to rejoice in and glorify God. If you feel convicted to speak the truth and origin about something, do so but with respect and to teach. Always reflect Christ, Christ did a lot of radical things that religious leaders at the time found offensive and yet he was God in the flesh, always keeping to the commandment he taught, love God, love people. I keep hearing debates and controversies all around the more involved I get into apologetics and preaching. What bible version should I read, what church, and etc? Scripture is made to help us, guide us, those who spout mainly kjv, forget the changes made to influence belief at the time such as adding there are three who witness in heaven, during the Latin vulgate versions of Roman catholics to express a Trinitarian belief. There are different versions yes, some are made to help some understand or give a better understanding, others to reveal a clear translation, word for word, word for thought. We are men and we are trying to understand God’s word. I have 4 versions but lean more to ESV and KJV in my preference.

 I can keep going on and on about various things but this is the message I’m getting across, we are the church. We are not separated and though we may disagree on things such as pre trib or post trib, Jesus is still Lord. As long as we truly follow God, truly love people, our supposed “knowledge” is worth nothing. I can sit and explain my reasons why I do what I do or say what I say, I may even say my opinions but I will always speak the Gospel, worship God before anything else. And that is where I’m getting at, let us be Christians, willing to die for our Lord, God, preach the Gospel, reveal the kingdom, create disciples, teach and correct in and with love, Be true image bearers of Christ, live sinless lives though we understand we might stumble at times, we are not perfect but through Christ we are made righteous and when we truly repent we walk in obedience to him and his word. Let us not be caught in disarray or seen as mere pawns by many, we are priests, princes, princesses, sons and daughters, servants and slaves of the most high God. Be blessed all, I love you.

Understanding Christianity

​Understand this, I don’t speak about God because I want to be seen as “holy”. I speak it because it is truth. I spent 8 years in the occult and magick only to be revealed the truth and repent. I spend the rest of my life, dedicated to reveal the truth, share the Gospel, my calling, to preach.

 The early Christians didn’t decide to start their own religion, nor did Jesus. We don’t follow a “man”, Jesus is not Michael, not a prophet or a mere teacher. That belief came from occultic roots, the freemasonry that had their people form religions or cults to change the minds of people, they formed the Mormoms, Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witness and etc, these in turn are not Christian. Christianity was only perceived or made to be as one as the Catholic church emerged. Reading scripture by the pope was made unlawful. 

Early Christians were killed because of their beliefs. If we look at ancient texts, history, even scripture we see see how many tried to deceive people with another philosophy or dissuade even within the church. Yet God’s truth has held firm, the books in the dead sea scrolls were Gnostic not scripture. Jesus’ body was not taken, guards were placed day and night, it would take soldiers to remove them and in turn the rock that covered the tomb, and it would have been reported. Hundreds witnessed Christ, resurrected and even accounts apart from scripture state how early Christians were said to see him, live differently by repenting, helping others and worshipping Jesus, because they saw just as scripture shows, he is the Christ. They saw him as God, Thomas declared, my Lord and my God. The spirit was revealed as God, when Ananias lied to not man but to God in the books of Acts. 

I can inform and tell people about all of this but that will not change people. Only God can truly change peoples hearts. I simply preach the Gospel and using my testimony, I witness and pray I could lead others to Christ. I am a man being transformed to the image of Christ. That young boy who was an athiest to the lost kid who was demonically possessed or influenced by substances to this renewed man. His kingdom is coming soon and we must repent and believe in Jesus because only through him can we have life. No one can come to the Father but through him and if at any time anyone is unsure or has questions upon that which I speak I can help you understand. We are all in this together brothers and sisters and I love you all dearly.

Agent Bond

Lately what I’ve seen is we have so many broken relationships because people want it easy. Families torn, friendships lost and etc. We want to be in control or things our way. We let “good times” lead to parents being made and then two people ending something they started out of momentary feelings. I say this knowing first hand how one can be caught in lust. 

Relationships are a bond, two people coming together to overcome differences and be a balance. It takes time, sacrifice, trust, respect, love, humility, and hard work. This accounts to intimate ones as well, men be as men, the head, the leader, in pursuit of your wife. And women the nurturing care givers, hard at work to support as well, both share certain responsibilities. If you can’t find a good friend, be one. Family is limited but always close, forgive and grow. Family is beyond blood at times.

 As a Christian, I’ve learned this from God. To my brothers do not settle to this pattern of the world, stay faithful to your wives even if you are single right now. It is better to wait, even you my sisters. Love unconditionally and reflect Christ, be blessed. In your singleness be made to the husband or wife of your future spouse. May the Holy Sspirit be with you.

Waking to the Call

This is not to offend anyone who claims they believe in God or say their Christian but a call to truly look at ourselves. Is the life you are living truly for God? Woe to me some may say, but I’m tired of a watered down outlook and no reality in mind.  One easily says God bless me, God’s with me, condemn people, act religious, and etc. Yet look at the life we’re living. Are we using the excuse Jesus covered my sins to continue sinning? Using the excuse that we go to “church”? Are “good” cause we have set up our own outlook of life, rules? Being tolerant to what God hates? To say God bless me only when you want something? Say you believe but live horrible lives contrary to the fact that though he is loving he is also a just God. 

What has happened to Christianity, believers? Proclaiming ourselves righteous or using secular methods to undermine other believers instead of teaching with love and respect. We have one foot in the world and other to what is holy, taking God by parts. You can’t half serve God. How many will hear the words of Christ, “I never knew you!”. How many will plead to Lazarus to give them water? To know God and of God is to be known by God, to know God is to love and obey God. Your lives are radically shifted and changed. When Jesus died for your sins, when you are saved, you repent of your old life, old ways and turn to Christ, allowing the spirit to change you. Yet I see or hear how “Christian” still continue in the debauchery, “night life”, partying and etc. We even allow our minds to be filled and influenced by that of the world. It has click to some of you. We are not living for God but for ourselves. I myself am not perfect but still we are not called to live luxuriously, rich, successful lives, seeming to be perfect. We are literally called to die, first for Christ, then to ourselves, and then for others, going beyond the understanding of the physical but to the spiritual. 

I hear of Christians chasing money and etc and it baffles me how one can call themselves born again. Am I judging? No, scripture says I can help a brother if I find him stumbling. Wake up! This is not our home and though we still must take care of it, we were made for more than this, for Christ, for eternity. Do not call yourselves saved or Christian if you are not truly living the life. Christianity is a lifestyle, a relationship with God, not religion. You did not choose to save yourself, God elected you, no matter what you do, good works, it is nothing without the sacrifice of Christ. It is because of his righteousness that we are allowed to be seen as righteous, we boast not on our own accord but on Christ’s. If you hear the lies are someone attacking Christianity we don’t defend, we allow “opinions” to be “truth”. Everything is relative? NO! We believe in the absolute. Jesus is the truth, way and life! No one can come to the Father unless it is through him. No one will be saved from God’s judgment unless we believe that Christ died for us and is Lord. I am not perfect, I cannot stress this enough before people point fingers or disregard. God is continuously working in me. 

Understand I speak this in love and with truth. This world is passing away, his will is being done and his kingdom shall come. We should at all times be professing his name, proclaiming the Gospel and creating disciples, yet we continue to be tolerant and comfortable, knowing that those we love will perish. Yet woe to me because I preach the truth and preach that Christ is Lord. Woe to me for exposing the lies of the devil and false religions or even the lives to me. I live and serve my king and I shall stand alone if I must but I shall always preach Christ, the gospel and truth.

Speaking with Reason

Listen, brothers, sisters, we don’t speak or write foolish things upon our claims as Christians in saying we follow Jesus, the truth. Most will derive there understanding as follows: Jesus was either a fool, liar, a good teacher, or who he said he was, the son of God. It is historically inaccurate to say he never existed, even apart of scripture it can be revealed. It is wrong to state he was a fool for he spoke with knowledge and truth of what was known in that age, even coming to Pilate and revealing he was without guilt. One can say he was a good teacher but must also understand the miracles he allowed to come to pass, healing the sick, raising the dead. No man has or will ever do what Jesus has done. Now to say or come to the conclusion that he is who he said he was, the son of God, something is revealed to you when you understand this. 

Why were the early Christians willing to die for following Jesus? It is even spoken about outside of scripture how the “Christians” lived differently, helping the poor, living a way apart from sin, repenting, helping one another, and worshiping Jesus for they believed him to be raised from the dead. Raised from the dead. That in itself was a bold claim and yet we also see Paul declaring that if no one believed his testimony to ask those hundreds of people who did see the Christ resurrected. He is the son of God, “before Abraham was, ‘I Am’, the first and the last”. The one who said, I and the Father are one, the Jews knew at the time what he was declaring. “My Lord and my God”, he did not refute or disallow worship to him. The Father spoke saying, “even the angels worship him”, all was given to him, heaven and Earth. People question the trinity or Jesus, but our finite minds will never truly comprehend. 

There is one God: The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are distinct Persons. The Bible speaks of the Father as God (Philippians 1:2), Jesus as God (Titus 2:13), and the Holy Spirit as God (Acts 5:3–4). But when it is revealed and we are allowed to grasp the supremacy of Christ, the reality of God, we are held in awe. Stand firm in your beliefs. Christianity is not religion, it is not a way of works though we understand faith without works is dead. We are not saved by our own accord for God has predestined us as the elect, we understand we are saved by grace through faith. Keep running the race. Don’t be swayed by false doctrines or high sounding philosophies. Scripture has stood the test of time and provided historical authenticity. Science doesn’t dispute the bible, nor does history. Research and study. Seek the Lord and he shall reveal all through his wisdom. Let our faith stand amidst the trials and let us live proclaiming his kingdom come, will be done. Leading many towards the truth, in Jesus’ name, Amen. 

Another Day To Write

​To all those that follow me, support me, I consider friends. Hear me out or take a moment to read. You may see me posting on here, depending which site you read this from, but understand who I am, why I am on here. I am but a man, 25 years old and though it is young I’ve experienced much in my life. I am not proud of my past and though I may appear like I have life together, better, I don’t. I don’t know the future. I can talk about and give advice about relationships, love, but I’ve broken relationships, played the villian, broke hearts, was self centered, loved and lost, regretted. I have a problem trusting people and if I open up it is because now, my life is a living testimony. 

I’m not religious, in fact, I despise religion. I’m Christian. It is not because I was raised or “brainwashed” like cults. I was an athiest, then my curiousity in love with science found me to study mysticism, the occult, magick, like my grandfather. I would hear the stories from my Father and it incited my curiousity. From that I was allowed to see the truth and light of God. All my questions were answered by God. Even amidst the religions I looked into, the “wisdom” and knowledge I gained, God was the answer. I’ve always tried to seek it in things, peace, truth, love, and never was content. I’ve lost friends, I’ve lost loved ones. What I’m trying to say or write is this: life is so short. We spend hours studying to work jobs we might not like, we spend our time doing irrelevant things, we forget the simplicities or how intricately complex this life is. 

We allow this world were suppose to take care of rot with our choices and the degradation of humanity continues as we focus on our egos. I can speak about it for hours but it is true. No posts or likes will stop what is happening in the world or simple words spoken or written, only action. Even so on my knees and a crying plea for us to reevaluate life. We need to be changed. I don’t speak to boast on my merits or puff up in my knowledge over things but out of love. I speak to help others understand the truth. If I speak about God it is because I wish to share how be has changed me and revealed who he is. If I speak against or expose something it is to reveal the lies we have been lead to believe. Amongst the hours spent researching, day and night. If I write or talk about love it is because I’ve experienced true love and know its beauty in entirety, though I know my time may or may not come being single now, value the person, the blessing God has placed before you, you may never know when it will end. 

Truly I tell you, though you may only hear or read what I write from when you last saw me, I’ve changed. God is working in me and leading me amidst the storm and war. There is a war being fought for eternity, this world will pass away in time. All I can do is live a life in reflection to Christ and reveal the Gospel. That God rich in mercy though we were dead in our sins by the transgression of Adam, passed down, were allowed to live. How so, by God himself taking the form of a man, taking the penalty of sin, bearing the weight and dying for us. But even more, resurrecting to show he conquers death so that in he who believes in him, repent of their sins, turns to God, obeying his word, leading others in truth, in love, shave reside with him and have life. God came to save us. Not by our works but saved by grace through faith. This is the gospel. In him dwells peace, truth, life. I cannot tell you how to live your lives, I can only be as an example. Be blessed.