Hope in Vanity

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This is the realization of life, you can spend your whole life trying to chase after something, someone, but it is all vanity in the end. You can spend years going to school and attaining a degree but I’ve seen people who just switch, degrees mean nothing in another country, they work different jobs to support or more than 2. You can workout everyday and God forbid you get into an accident and become handicapped. You can chase after an idea of love but it does not mean you will find your “list” or “perfect” person, you can’t control people. You can save to buy any materialistic item but it will rust, age, or fade away, even be replaced by a newer version. You can gain all the knowledge and still know nothing or something new may surface.

There is always a cause and effect in life. But just because all withers and fades does not mean there is no meaning. Life is precious, you begin to value who you have and why when you see past the worldly desires or views. You begin to use your time wisely and appreciate the amount you are given. Being in love is wonderful as well, true love. Chasing your dreams to help make the world a better place and not serve your ego or gain a set figure/salary will help future generations. Having what you need and providing for your family is the greatest of riches shen shared with who you love. Training your body as well requires a trained mind and spirit and reveals self control.

Though it is vain there is purpose when it is rooted in truth and love. There is always hope and that my friends is why I can say it can be found in and through God.


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