Let Me Hear Truth

17So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ. (Romans 10:17) 

To all those who speak, write, and overall present truth in any fashion.do not be dismayed. How did you first hear about what you believed? Just in that fashion, by hearing about it. In this same understanding, we begin to take note and in some way, shape or form it allows us to embark on a journey to see if what we heard is true. 

Since our early days or childhood we hear about what is right or wrong. We hear our teachers giving us lessons and in turn begin to “learn”. This not only applies to an educational system as well but in its truest sense, truth and faith.

I sometimes get asked what real change am I doing just for speaking or posting the truth? Is it really wasted energy? No, just as people ask the question or notice, others do as well. The seed becomes planted, it is not my job to change people’s mindset or beliefs, I simply impart the truth and let God do the rest. It is easy to say or try to say, people change because of me, but that is not so. I am but a vessel for truth and that is why as a teacher of such knowledge and wisdom one is directed to properly teach and not lead to a disillusion or lies. Pastors are taught to live and lead by example. What you believe is reflected in your life and how you live. 

Do not be dismayed if those you love or people you wish to present the truth ignore you. As long as the truth is spoken, it is heard, even if it is not accepted. It is not your call to force beliefs on people, it is to persuade with reason that what you speak is truth, it is their job to accept it. Stay true and move on, preaching. But alwayz know what you arr talking about, ready to defend, give reason, rebuke and reproach. Be blessed.

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