Days of my life

​What is Gee going to talk about today? It’s been a few days I haven’t written anything and mostly it is the fact that I’ve been busy with work. As some may or may not know the holidays are around the corner. I currently work in retail as a manager and that means I have to start putting in 8-12 hours a day like if it is a regular thing. That being said, yesterday was the first day my body crashed. I hardly get any sleep as is, 4-6 hours and I’m back to the “grind”. 

This article is not really about teaching anything or motivating anyone. It is primarily just to talk about life. Today I just feel tired honestly. I keep looking at my life and the constants that remain a common factor. I am blessed, that I know. But as well I know there is more than where I stand now. I’ve actually enjoyed using social media more to the extent to use it right and as a platform for my writing and apologetics. I will continue to do so and the more comfortable I get with the whole scope of it the more content I will produce. God is moving me in new directions and I am truly loving every minute of it. I just seem to be growing tired of the things that keep me at bay. I feel a greater move in the sense that I shouldn’t be where I am but as long as I’m here I will grow. I will not lie though and be honest, since I’ve grown closer to God I’ve begun to lose people or cut away from people. I am still single and now focus my pursuits and focus to god and hopefully my future wife will walk beside me. For now the direction I’m going is forward. God willing he will open doors and push me through the trials that lay before me. I will continue to write and push content to all who read. Be blessed.

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