Waking to the Call

This is not to offend anyone who claims they believe in God or say their Christian but a call to truly look at ourselves. Is the life you are living truly for God? Woe to me some may say, but I’m tired of a watered down outlook and no reality in mind.  One easily says God bless me, God’s with me, condemn people, act religious, and etc. Yet look at the life we’re living. Are we using the excuse Jesus covered my sins to continue sinning? Using the excuse that we go to “church”? Are “good” cause we have set up our own outlook of life, rules? Being tolerant to what God hates? To say God bless me only when you want something? Say you believe but live horrible lives contrary to the fact that though he is loving he is also a just God. 

What has happened to Christianity, believers? Proclaiming ourselves righteous or using secular methods to undermine other believers instead of teaching with love and respect. We have one foot in the world and other to what is holy, taking God by parts. You can’t half serve God. How many will hear the words of Christ, “I never knew you!”. How many will plead to Lazarus to give them water? To know God and of God is to be known by God, to know God is to love and obey God. Your lives are radically shifted and changed. When Jesus died for your sins, when you are saved, you repent of your old life, old ways and turn to Christ, allowing the spirit to change you. Yet I see or hear how “Christian” still continue in the debauchery, “night life”, partying and etc. We even allow our minds to be filled and influenced by that of the world. It has click to some of you. We are not living for God but for ourselves. I myself am not perfect but still we are not called to live luxuriously, rich, successful lives, seeming to be perfect. We are literally called to die, first for Christ, then to ourselves, and then for others, going beyond the understanding of the physical but to the spiritual. 

I hear of Christians chasing money and etc and it baffles me how one can call themselves born again. Am I judging? No, scripture says I can help a brother if I find him stumbling. Wake up! This is not our home and though we still must take care of it, we were made for more than this, for Christ, for eternity. Do not call yourselves saved or Christian if you are not truly living the life. Christianity is a lifestyle, a relationship with God, not religion. You did not choose to save yourself, God elected you, no matter what you do, good works, it is nothing without the sacrifice of Christ. It is because of his righteousness that we are allowed to be seen as righteous, we boast not on our own accord but on Christ’s. If you hear the lies are someone attacking Christianity we don’t defend, we allow “opinions” to be “truth”. Everything is relative? NO! We believe in the absolute. Jesus is the truth, way and life! No one can come to the Father unless it is through him. No one will be saved from God’s judgment unless we believe that Christ died for us and is Lord. I am not perfect, I cannot stress this enough before people point fingers or disregard. God is continuously working in me. 

Understand I speak this in love and with truth. This world is passing away, his will is being done and his kingdom shall come. We should at all times be professing his name, proclaiming the Gospel and creating disciples, yet we continue to be tolerant and comfortable, knowing that those we love will perish. Yet woe to me because I preach the truth and preach that Christ is Lord. Woe to me for exposing the lies of the devil and false religions or even the lives to me. I live and serve my king and I shall stand alone if I must but I shall always preach Christ, the gospel and truth.

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