Agent Bond

Lately what I’ve seen is we have so many broken relationships because people want it easy. Families torn, friendships lost and etc. We want to be in control or things our way. We let “good times” lead to parents being made and then two people ending something they started out of momentary feelings. I say this knowing first hand how one can be caught in lust. 

Relationships are a bond, two people coming together to overcome differences and be a balance. It takes time, sacrifice, trust, respect, love, humility, and hard work. This accounts to intimate ones as well, men be as men, the head, the leader, in pursuit of your wife. And women the nurturing care givers, hard at work to support as well, both share certain responsibilities. If you can’t find a good friend, be one. Family is limited but always close, forgive and grow. Family is beyond blood at times.

 As a Christian, I’ve learned this from God. To my brothers do not settle to this pattern of the world, stay faithful to your wives even if you are single right now. It is better to wait, even you my sisters. Love unconditionally and reflect Christ, be blessed. In your singleness be made to the husband or wife of your future spouse. May the Holy Sspirit be with you.

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