Understanding Christianity


Understand this, I don’t speak about God because I want to be seen as “holy”. I speak it because it is truth. I spent 8 years in the occult and magick only to be revealed the truth and repent. I spend the rest of my life, dedicated to reveal the truth, share the Gospel, my calling, to preach.
The early Christians didn’t decide to start their own religion, nor did Jesus. We don’t follow a “man”, Jesus is not Michael, not a prophet or a mere teacher. That belief came from occultic roots, the freemasonry that had their people form religions or cults to change the minds of people, they formed the Mormoms, Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witness and etc, these in turn are not Christian. Christianity was only perceived or made to be as one as the Catholic church emerged. Reading scripture by the pope was made unlawful.
Early Christians were killed because of their beliefs. If we look at ancient texts, history, even scripture we see see how many tried to deceive people with another philosophy or dissuade even within the church. Yet God’s truth has held firm, the books in the dead sea scrolls were Gnostic not scripture. Jesus’ body was not taken, guards were placed day and night, it would take soldiers to remove them and in turn the rock that covered the tomb, and it would have been reported. Hundreds witnessed Christ, resurrected and even accounts apart from scripture state how early Christians were said to see him, live differently by repenting, helping others and worshipping Jesus, because they saw just as scripture shows, he is the Christ. They saw him as God, Thomas declared, my Lord and my God. The spirit was revealed as God, when Ananias lied to not man but to God in the books of Acts.
I can inform and tell people about all of this but that will not change people. Only God can truly change peoples hearts. I simply preach the Gospel and using my testimony, I witness and pray I could lead others to Christ. I am a man being transformed to the image of Christ. That young boy who was an athiest to the lost kid who was demonically possessed or influenced by substances to this renewed man. His kingdom is coming soon and we must repent and believe in Jesus because only through him can we have life. No one can come to the Father but through him and if at any time anyone is unsure or has questions upon that which I speak I can help you understand. We are all in this together brothers and sisters and I love you all dearly.

2 comments on “Understanding Christianity”

    1. Everything is limited, there can be said many but people can read more. To merely grasp a glimpse of what we can know is beyond any of us. Yet truth in itself can be seen by what we look into. I studied gnosticism, thelema, kabbalah, Quran, books one could consider a part of the occult. One can say it’s limited what I may know but that is only because I rather not speak about some topics because truly some people need to slowly be explained some things. I can’t just say for example something like, if we look at ancient writings of Nimrod and his mother Ishtar, the rebirth cycle of what is now known as Easter in which some will be lost. I rather preach the Gospel while inciting a way to show the validity of scripture while as well revealing the naturr of this world and how we need to draw closer to God instead of being caught up in high sounding philosophies. God is truth and it really doesn’t matter how much I’ve “studied” in aspect of presenting the Gospel, but I say it to reveal that even with my pursuit of “knowledge” it all reveals God to be who he says he is in scripture.


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