Let Us Reflect Christ

​There has been a stirring within me to speak about some matters concerning Christianity, in topic, Christians. What is happening to us? How divided have we become? One can disagree with me but when has our choices or views gone before God’s? Are we not told to love one another? Yet day in and day out I see people belittle another because they don’t celebrate a “holiday”, observe the Sabbath, or even believe in “flat earth”, “conspiracies” and etc. Did not Paul advise us, “9But avoid foolish controversies, genealogies, dissensions, and quarrels about the law, for they are unprofitable and worthless”(Titus 3:9). Yet just by stating all this one can claim I am judging but are we not to stand united as God’s chosen people and correct our brothers? What has happened to the men who would learn to bring others to the light and truth rather than boast on what he knows or what he has done?

 For there are those who say the law should be kept and may sound religious, while we as well see the old covenant was replaced by what God has done, granting us salvation by his grace and mercy, through Jesus Christ. But as well we understand the old covenant and laws reveal our need for God but does not save us, the law was intended to point us to Christ but we are no longer under it (Galatians 3:24-25). But as well as Jesus explained there are two commandments and it is to love God and thy neighbor, everything falls into that spectrum. But understand, if one wishes to worship God on the sabbath, than it is by his conscious or choice, while another may be mature in the faith and still respecting the sabbath, worships God on another day, as be sees all days are for God not just one set aside. 

Just in all what I am trying to say is we sound so high and mighty and yet fall prey to our egos. We keep diving into groups instead of coming to God’s word and clarifying flag at is said. Yet if one views something different, they branch out” and another denomination or cult is formed. God’s word is as clear as day, how we interpret it is with the ability and prayer only given to us by the Holy Spirit. To those who claim to be Christian, yet live wicked lives, you are only Christian in a self professed title. Just the same those who consider themselves Christian and yet fall under false teachings, this is to state what scripture says that many will fall to false doctrines. 

No one can get to the Father without Jesus. Without obeying his word, we don’t know or love God. Yes, people decide to celebrate holidays, they do so to rejoice in and glorify God. If you feel convicted to speak the truth and origin about something, do so but with respect and to teach. Always reflect Christ, Christ did a lot of radical things that religious leaders at the time found offensive and yet he was God in the flesh, always keeping to the commandment he taught, love God, love people. I keep hearing debates and controversies all around the more involved I get into apologetics and preaching. What bible version should I read, what church, and etc? Scripture is made to help us, guide us, those who spout mainly kjv, forget the changes made to influence belief at the time such as adding there are three who witness in heaven, during the Latin vulgate versions of Roman catholics to express a Trinitarian belief. There are different versions yes, some are made to help some understand or give a better understanding, others to reveal a clear translation, word for word, word for thought. We are men and we are trying to understand God’s word. I have 4 versions but lean more to ESV and KJV in my preference.

 I can keep going on and on about various things but this is the message I’m getting across, we are the church. We are not separated and though we may disagree on things such as pre trib or post trib, Jesus is still Lord. As long as we truly follow God, truly love people, our supposed “knowledge” is worth nothing. I can sit and explain my reasons why I do what I do or say what I say, I may even say my opinions but I will always speak the Gospel, worship God before anything else. And that is where I’m getting at, let us be Christians, willing to die for our Lord, God, preach the Gospel, reveal the kingdom, create disciples, teach and correct in and with love, Be true image bearers of Christ, live sinless lives though we understand we might stumble at times, we are not perfect but through Christ we are made righteous and when we truly repent we walk in obedience to him and his word. Let us not be caught in disarray or seen as mere pawns by many, we are priests, princes, princesses, sons and daughters, servants and slaves of the most high God. Be blessed all, I love you.

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