Traveling Man

The sun burned my skin. I don’t even know which was worst, the rays of scorching heat literally turning me to a crisp or the barren, paved road, as black as tartarus cooking me like a frying pan. I gazed above, covering my eyes with my hands. There were two vultures circling above. Their shadows in perfect unison as if they were performing a play and this was just a tragedy. But it was. A lone boy, a runaway, no where to go and stuck in the middle of no where. It was actually quite funny. My delusions of running away with my families fortune only to spend it all and be alone, no home and no where to go. Days without eating or proper sleep, now hoping for someone to take pity as I lie here on the street.

someone….please…..I thought.

Thud. Thud. Thud. I heard footsteps approaching. I was so caught into my thoughts I almost couldn’t hear them. The man was close by. My lips trembled, I could hear the crackling from them as I tried to lick them to speak. It was bad enough I couldn’t even muster enough spit.

I could see him now as I turned to face him. As he approached all I could see was a silhouette as he stood towering over me. I tried to speak but it was as if all my energy had depleted.

“Rest now my child, hear have something to drink.” his voice was as an angels in my hour of need.

He lifted my head and gave me water. I coughed a bit back up as I was surprised by how cold, clean, and delicious it tasted in my mouth. Who would of thought, water would be so good. As I blinked, drinking and feeling this bliss I could see a smile on the mans face.

After awhile I tried to speak.

“T-thank…you…s-sir…”, my body was still tired, my voice sounding rasp.

“My child, rest for we have much to do. Once you are rested we shall go.” the man responded in a calm voice.

“B-but to where? I have no where to go.” I responded.

“No where? I believe we are going home. It’s simple, if you follow me I shall show you the way.” the man smiled at me.

Who was I for this kind sir to stop in his travels to help me, I was nothing I thought. Only thing I had on was rags and looked beaten, defeated, on the side of the road.

The man looked out to the distance, “Thought where I am going you will not be able to follow, as long as you follow me I shall show you the way. There is hope my child, for though we may feel as if life has no meaning, is in darkness, there is light. I shall show you life.”

I started to get up. I had rested enough. I looked up at him.

He looked at me and spoke, “Follow me. Leave all your worries behind.”

We started to make our way….home.

I Shall Bear Witness

Order, order in the court…do you swear to speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?…….I do….

Many of you pictured or imagined a courtroom as you read the sentence above. It’s funny how we so easily disregard life as a whole sometimes or see the value in it. We don’t “bear” witness to it. We see the world around us and live within it, upholding our own ideologies or beliefs. Yet, what can we say about revealing what we believe or perceive to be as truth by being witnesses to it.

It comes to no surprise that our characters are determined not by our words but by our actions. That which we do is for the most part what defines us, a tree is seen by the fruit it bears. Such it is in life and though we can all agree to this, why is it that when we present truth in its purest form, we disregard it in our lives? How can this be? Simple. The truth we uphold is shown or revealed by our lives.

We live day by day, we are taught that man is destined to die but while he is here on earth he must find his purpose or live a happy, successful life. This for the most part is understand as the “truth” of the human race in this day and age. Depending on the culture, things will be added as in, finding a spouse, getting a good job, a house, a dog, or even 1-2 kids. We go to school to achieve this or take into affect a trade to practice and apply what we learn. We begin to “wear” this notion and everything we learn, based on experiences and emotions, begins to shape our lives. Such is it with what we gather to be truth.

We understand by what is defined that truth is that which is true, something we can prove with facts, but what does it really mean? We can go on for hours debating the definition but what I have found is an acceptable one is, that which is derived to be what is and will always be, unchanging, visible or presented to be accurate based on what is established or presented. It might sound a bit philosophical but trust me it is not. It is contrary to what many believe is truth which is relative, opinions, derived by our emotions. In essence or for example, 2+2 is a mathematical equation, what was determined to equal 4 now, shall be 4 based on its core foundation when it was presented apart from someone saying in a relative view, it equals 5 or can equal 5.

Now what exactly am I trying to explain here? Simple, the truth we so eagerly share with others we seem not to “bear” it. Those who speak of equality for the most part, sees a part of themself as biased, they may still stereotype or hold to slightly different beliefs. Someone who believes in a God, will reflect it truly in their lives if they fully do believe it. Thus, my title for this article is now revealed. Let me bear witness.

I’ve lived a short yet full life in my opinion. I’ve experienced much but one thing I can properly say is, I believe there is a God. In so being the case I am shown or to properly relay, I allow my life to be a testimony, proof that God is real. Not only do I present the Gospel but I also allow himself to show himself through me. I was not a saint, nor do I ever claim to be one. I fail many times and I am not perfect yet, compared to how I was before, it is remarkable. Sure, we can have psychologists state that it was a changing of the mind. Yet, on the contrary, to state I had control over anything is misleading. You see, I couldn’t really do much only God could. Just as ta problem we face as 2+2=4, man can do nothing or be considered “good” without God. We think we are and we can act like it, but wear is the proof, the truth? Just because we say so? What about what is actual truth? You see life is not a game, not all roads lead to heaven, and no matter how much “truth” we spout, only our lives will reveal what we believe. Just something to think about. Live the life you speak, even if you are not a God fearing man, if you want to be respected based on your beliefs, respect others and etc. As for me, I shall bear witness.

I’m A Writer

​I reminisced about the good ole days. The days when I would spend hours writing or creating new stories in my head to draw or bring into picture for the world to see. But this didn’t start out of mere luck or a need to fully express myself. It start by the simple words readers know all too well, “Once upon a time…”

Looking back from the very beginning, I can tell you that my journey as a writer has had its ups and downs. I would love to say I’m a published author with like a dozen books, but frankly I’m not. Still, that doesn’t mean I consider myself less of a writer or not capable to perform those feats. Through all that I’ve experienced it feels like it has led me to where I am today. 

Like my little intro described, I remember the days I would simply “zone” out at school and just draw or write, creating my own comic book and manga. The stories always intrigued me and I didn’t care if it was all just said and done, I had my own personal take on it and was proud to call it my own. It wasn’t until last year that I fully decided to pursue this passion that burned me from the inside until it could reach the surface. I’m a writer. I can now state that with a smile on my face and no real feeling of failure in life. I know this is what I’m good at and also what many must come to realize. 

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Who of us can state that we are pursuing our dream job? We can chase the money and the fame but do you honestly feel content? Sure I can throw myself into the limelight and state that I’m not “banking” in writing. For the most part I wrote here on my blog while working on my book. I have a couple of short stories spread out in different mediums. Still, like I said, I claim the title of writer. I can explain it as clear as day, writing is just in my blood and the more I embraced it the more it is revealed to me. Hence, why I encourage people to read, write or just be creative. You never really know what is inside you waiting to come out. Don’t be afraid of what others may say, work on your craft and grow, find support and keep working towards your dream. As I write this article I look out to the world, not only for people who are going to read my work in the future but also those who will reveal their own “work” in whatever gift or talent they have to shine with.

Am I A Memory

For who am I? Shall I venture into the past? A memory seeming to be trapped. Long forgotten or so I desire. To be thrown in thoughts of constant fire. Bring me into remembrance of what is now. Dig me through the cold, snow to what is bound. Come in haste as they emerge. Present to me with reason the secrets of my soul. See that the future is not yet forged….still….these memories, holding on to the edge of mind. Heart filled by choices and feelings through signs. Never forgotten is love, no matter the distance, nor time. But allow me to grow and be changed for who I am, not who I was and yet to be.

The Moon

​I am as the moon. Reflecting a light that shines over horizons. Shifting and changing in seasons through the phases of reason, with color of yellows and reds. Mourn me not as morning comes for I am still visible, though darkness surrounds me. Worry not for the stars keep me company. If you ever need me, look up and feel my touch as my light falls like snow, I shall be here if you think you’re alone and let space be just a word.

O Silent Night

​O Silent night. We remember the song. Every time I hear the saying, the night is peaceful, I laugh a little inside. As a writer, I’ve learned that the night just brings about hordes of memories and thoughts. Of course, I’ve used that time to allow myself to bleed and continuously build flood the paper or screen with words.

It is true that there is a sense of calm in the world at night. But I also know by someone who is an introvert and night owl that it is a nightmare. Since the days I had to live in the streets, I developed what people call delayed sleep syndrome. It’s basically when your biological clock is reversed. Even adding on to this I tend to have insomnia from time to time. It’s actually funny how some people say I’m a cyborg or not human. I tend to rarely sleep or even eat. At most I gain about 3-4 hours of sleep every day.

Now what is it about the night? I tend to think it is because you are surrounded by the sense of it being quiet. Everyone is sleeping and it is you, there, contemplating. At the very least, I never liked the morning. It’s true that people can make fun of me by saying I am like a vampire. I also know that I rather be a night owl than a morning person. It’s a manner of opinion really. Really though I just wanted to take my own take on the matter. A break really and just share my thoughts on the matter as I sit here in the car at 6 am as the sun rises. So many thoughts racing in my mind and I feel them trying to escape.

Reflecting On Life

There comes moments in life where you stop and reflect not the world around you but yourself. Upon these moments you begin to grasp that the world is shaped by your perception. How we view topics, our beliefs, our character, defines how the world is displayed. We can take religion for example, depending on one’s beliefs, everything stems for that belief on how the world is embraced or rejected, the culture. A Muslim will not look at the world the same way a Christian would, nor will an athiest. This in turn brings us to understanding one core truth we can all agree in, we become what we believe, to an extent.

I’ve said it and written about various topics in the past, from love, to truth, in and all, my beliefs. To some, they can agree and even accept what I had to say, no matter if it was to teach or simply share my views. It would seem that at many times, I allow myself to just write without the consequence of what is said. If I discuss love, it is primarily lessons learned by experiences or even the revelation God has allowed me understand, even reaching personal notes. It comes to no surprise I’m Christian. Though I hold to God as absolute, I understand a person is entitled to choice, even if it may disagree with my own views. This has taught me to reflect on who I am, I struggle with pride even to this day. I find that at times I may not be qualified to speak or write on matters but still I allow myself to write or speak. But like I said, at times, I understand I can “wake” someone up by completely exposing the lies they’ve been taught.

Here is where all dilemmas start, what is that which we reflect? We hear so much stuff about topics from articles, to social media, television, and even people yet we never stop and reflect on what is heard, or accepted and how it changes our perception. Today, I see a generation being raised up on being “connected” digitally yet cannot develop proper relationships physically and are lost spiritually. We are bombarded by so much information of people telling us how things should be instead of allowing us all to find the truth. We are given opinions as facts and in turn we reflect imperfect ideas from imperfect people finding “answers” to questions we asked. This in turn shapes the world we live in because each person has now been taught we’re entitled to live our lives how we want to shape the world and yet still don’t understand our value is not found by our successes or desires received. So then what are we to do?

We must stop for a moment and reflect on what is shared. Does it hold true? Will it truly allow me to grow and not only that but allow us as people live lives in peace, love, truth? These are honest questions and no one can truly give you these answers until you wake up to the releaziation that we are all flawed, we don’t all know the answers. I remember reading help or love books after my break up and listening to the “experts” yet people are different and no matter how easy they make it seem, I needed to grow, even if I can honestly say in a personal note that I love her. Question what you hear, what your taught, what or how you view the world. I’m not saying that we ourselves are the answer but to understand we determine if this world continues in the fallen state it’s in now. Will we allow our friends and family to believe in lies? Will we not come to reason and instead of claiming you are right, revealing why you say you are. Reflect. Truly reflect on yourself before you try to be something you are not.

I cannot change people, I can’t force anyone to do anything, it is a choice but I also know God reveals things to people. This article is more so a mirror to who we are, a way to say, look at yourself. We each may live in different worlds like people say but we are all still living side by side. I would love for all to see the grace of God, but like I said we need to reflect and see the truth. Don’t be discouraged by what you see and it’s alright if you want to change or need to, I know I did and still am. I reflect Christ to the best of my abilities, yet I still fail God everyday, but he still loves me. In this way of reflecting, I look not only to myself but people as well, I help where I can, teach and share love and though the world I see is a fallen world with people needing God, I also see a world of hope and love if we stop and see what is happening around us, to truly change we need to first allow ourselves to be changed. Reflect on that. Be blessed.

Pages turn

They repeatedly state that, “Life is like a book”. We can see it in part as history is written down and we look back at our own history. We open up books in the library in sections labeled non-fiction and autobiographies, we begin to see the “book” discussed. What we don’t notice at times is that to continue reading, we must turn the pages to find what happens or happened next.

As of late I’ve noticed the pages turn in my life. Chapters have ended and you could say the book in my life has shifted drastically. For the most part those who have read my work or blog understand who I am already. My life has been shifting from where I once stood but I understand that pages are turning. Sometimes we want to look back or reread some of the chapters and stay stuck. Memories invade us and we begin to fall into depression. Sometimes it helps us grow when we remember and it allows us to move forward. But we must come to know that it isn’t bad if things move on.

Sometimes we become as books on shelves. Ever since we have moved to a more digital age I have made a comparison on how at times we get so caught up or move over to a digital state and we are put on shelves. Dust begins to set in and we forget or never allow our lives to continue. Even in the sense a book can be formatted or adjusted to a “digital” outlook and yet it still will not move forward.

The pages of life must move forward. Some can wonder if I’m saying something or implying that we should not advance a digital view, of course not. It is to show the example that life around us can evolve and change and yet we are not willing to change. Change is good. Instead of not wanting to know how the story may end, begin to see how the story will evolve. The sadness one endures or the memories , they come and go. Be willing to change the page not only in your life but also read on in peoples lives.