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They repeatedly state that, “Life is like a book”. We can see it in part as history is written down and we look back at our own history. We open up books in the library in sections labeled non-fiction and autobiographies, we begin to see the “book” discussed. What we don’t notice at times is that to continue reading, we must turn the pages to find what happens or happened next.

As of late I’ve noticed the pages turn in my life. Chapters have ended and you could say the book in my life has shifted drastically. For the most part those who have read my work or blog understand who I am already. My life has been shifting from where I once stood but I understand that pages are turning. Sometimes we want to look back or reread some of the chapters and stay stuck. Memories invade us and we begin to fall into depression. Sometimes it helps us grow when we remember and it allows us to move forward. But we must come to know that it isn’t bad if things move on.

Sometimes we become as books on shelves. Ever since we have moved to a more digital age I have made a comparison on how at times we get so caught up or move over to a digital state and we are put on shelves. Dust begins to set in and we forget or never allow our lives to continue. Even in the sense a book can be formatted or adjusted to a “digital” outlook and yet it still will not move forward.

The pages of life must move forward. Some can wonder if I’m saying something or implying that we should not advance a digital view, of course not. It is to show the example that life around us can evolve and change and yet we are not willing to change. Change is good. Instead of not wanting to know how the story may end, begin to see how the story will evolve. The sadness one endures or the memories , they come and go. Be willing to change the page not only in your life but also read on in peoples lives.


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