Reflecting On Life

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There comes moments in life where you stop and reflect not the world around you but yourself. Upon these moments you begin to grasp that the world is shaped by your perception. How we view topics, our beliefs, our character, defines how the world is displayed. We can take religion for example, depending on one’s beliefs, everything stems for that belief on how the world is embraced or rejected, the culture. A Muslim will not look at the world the same way a Christian would, nor will an athiest. This in turn brings us to understanding one core truth we can all agree in, we become what we believe, to an extent.

I’ve said it and written about various topics in the past, from love, to truth, in and all, my beliefs. To some, they can agree and even accept what I had to say, no matter if it was to teach or simply share my views. It would seem that at many times, I allow myself to just write without the consequence of what is said. If I discuss love, it is primarily lessons learned by experiences or even the revelation God has allowed me understand, even reaching personal notes. It comes to no surprise I’m Christian. Though I hold to God as absolute, I understand a person is entitled to choice, even if it may disagree with my own views. This has taught me to reflect on who I am, I struggle with pride even to this day. I find that at times I may not be qualified to speak or write on matters but still I allow myself to write or speak. But like I said, at times, I understand I can “wake” someone up by completely exposing the lies they’ve been taught.

Here is where all dilemmas start, what is that which we reflect? We hear so much stuff about topics from articles, to social media, television, and even people yet we never stop and reflect on what is heard, or accepted and how it changes our perception. Today, I see a generation being raised up on being “connected” digitally yet cannot develop proper relationships physically and are lost spiritually. We are bombarded by so much information of people telling us how things should be instead of allowing us all to find the truth. We are given opinions as facts and in turn we reflect imperfect ideas from imperfect people finding “answers” to questions we asked. This in turn shapes the world we live in because each person has now been taught we’re entitled to live our lives how we want to shape the world and yet still don’t understand our value is not found by our successes or desires received. So then what are we to do?

We must stop for a moment and reflect on what is shared. Does it hold true? Will it truly allow me to grow and not only that but allow us as people live lives in peace, love, truth? These are honest questions and no one can truly give you these answers until you wake up to the releaziation that we are all flawed, we don’t all know the answers. I remember reading help or love books after my break up and listening to the “experts” yet people are different and no matter how easy they make it seem, I needed to grow, even if I can honestly say in a personal note that I love her. Question what you hear, what your taught, what or how you view the world. I’m not saying that we ourselves are the answer but to understand we determine if this world continues in the fallen state it’s in now. Will we allow our friends and family to believe in lies? Will we not come to reason and instead of claiming you are right, revealing why you say you are. Reflect. Truly reflect on yourself before you try to be something you are not.

I cannot change people, I can’t force anyone to do anything, it is a choice but I also know God reveals things to people. This article is more so a mirror to who we are, a way to say, look at yourself. We each may live in different worlds like people say but we are all still living side by side. I would love for all to see the grace of God, but like I said we need to reflect and see the truth. Don’t be discouraged by what you see and it’s alright if you want to change or need to, I know I did and still am. I reflect Christ to the best of my abilities, yet I still fail God everyday, but he still loves me. In this way of reflecting, I look not only to myself but people as well, I help where I can, teach and share love and though the world I see is a fallen world with people needing God, I also see a world of hope and love if we stop and see what is happening around us, to truly change we need to first allow ourselves to be changed. Reflect on that. Be blessed.

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