Knowing what’s Good

“I’m good, I don’t swear a lot, I believe in God, or I don’t believe in a higher power but I don’t kill or cheat, lie, and etc”, the list goes on and on, and I’ve heard it all before. But this is the issue at hand, a problem many encounter, they rely on a relative reasoning for morality. Their definition of “good” is in itself a standard set by themselves. Yet we perfectly understand even without properly getting taught, what is bad. The majority of the case is that what we now consider bad is being accepted and applied to what is good. This not only causes a sense of distortion because now we have feelings, opinions, intrude reasoning and truth with morality to define what is not absolute so in turn we have an “open mind” yet closed off enslaved by our egos and imperfections.

 It is of consequence because what we are being taught, believe whatever you want and do whatever you want to do, let nothing stop you. But honestly let’s take a step back and reanalyze all of this. “Do whatever you want?”, did not Aliester Crowley, a known magician and occultists say the same “Do what thou wilt” in his book of the law? I’ve argued against this and held multiple discussions with people upon this topic. What or how can we truly determine then what is good? Some people can relate to the laws made by government or even what is accepted as a whole in society yet that ranges depending on location or the people, because then once again it is a relative view. There has had to be an absolute or standard set before for us to properly understand and follow.

So now the question usually arises, here I go again bringing back Christianity or enforcing my beliefs. Understand something, if I cannot speak about my beliefs or in turn reveal it as truth why should I then allow you to push your own, if I was to believe in it being relative, if we are “entitled” to our own beliefs. This in turn is the constant debates, people hold to their views as forms of absolutes, they always hold to their egos and boast in their self righteousness, yet none are good. Many can remember this from the parable of the rich man Jesus spoke about in Mark 10. If you are not I recommend reading it to grab an idea. Some people stop and question, really none are good? Yes, none of us are. Jesus explains to him the standards, the commandments, the law. The man explains he’s followed them but Jesus responds, to sell everything he has and give to the poor. The man leaves disheartened. This is the thing right here, we like to appear to be “good” even be seen as religious, believe we know what it is to be “good” but like Jesus said, only God is good and as well through God all is possible.

So then what are we to do about this situation, if none are good only God? I hope you understand that our sense of knowing what is right and wrong, good and bad, come from God, from birth we are taught what it is but within us we have God’s nature, all made to be in his image, likeness, having his character. We are instilled to have a sense of what should or should not be while also understanding he has given us a way to follow him which is good. When we allow our egos to come in between this we fall or sin like Adam and Eve thinking we know it all or what is right. But also understand the law was established to show us we are sinners, while also preparing the way for he who overcame sin, Jesus. Christ took our penalty and because of his sacrifice we are made righteous, good, but only through Jesus. Some can debate how can a man do this if he even claimed he was not good. But understand Jesus spoke to teach people and set an example, but many understand as well he never sinned, was the son of the Father, but was also God in the flesh and because of his actions, he is able to overcome death to reveal who he is and just as he stated he is the way, truth, and life. 

All will be judged in the end. It doesn’t matter if you think you re good or if the world does. Where do you stand with God? Because only through Jesus can we truly be considered “good”. In turn he will shape us truly to his image through the holy spirit and we will image bearers, showing love and truth to others. Much blessings. 

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