O Silent Night

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​O Silent night. We remember the song. Every time I hear the saying, the night is peaceful, I laugh a little inside. As a writer, I’ve learned that the night just brings about hordes of memories and thoughts. Of course, I’ve used that time to allow myself to bleed and continuously build flood the paper or screen with words.

It is true that there is a sense of calm in the world at night. But I also know by someone who is an introvert and night owl that it is a nightmare. Since the days I had to live in the streets, I developed what people call delayed sleep syndrome. It’s basically when your biological clock is reversed. Even adding on to this I tend to have insomnia from time to time. It’s actually funny how some people say I’m a cyborg or not human. I tend to rarely sleep or even eat. At most I gain about 3-4 hours of sleep every day.

Now what is it about the night? I tend to think it is because you are surrounded by the sense of it being quiet. Everyone is sleeping and it is you, there, contemplating. At the very least, I never liked the morning. It’s true that people can make fun of me by saying I am like a vampire. I also know that I rather be a night owl than a morning person. It’s a manner of opinion really. Really though I just wanted to take my own take on the matter. A break really and just share my thoughts on the matter as I sit here in the car at 6 am as the sun rises. So many thoughts racing in my mind and I feel them trying to escape.


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