I’m A Writer

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​I reminisced about the good ole days. The days when I would spend hours writing or creating new stories in my head to draw or bring into picture for the world to see. But this didn’t start out of mere luck or a need to fully express myself. It start by the simple words readers know all too well, “Once upon a time…”

Looking back from the very beginning, I can tell you that my journey as a writer has had its ups and downs. I would love to say I’m a published author with like a dozen books, but frankly I’m not. Still, that doesn’t mean I consider myself less of a writer or not capable to perform those feats. Through all that I’ve experienced it feels like it has led me to where I am today. 

Like my little intro described, I remember the days I would simply “zone” out at school and just draw or write, creating my own comic book and manga. The stories always intrigued me and I didn’t care if it was all just said and done, I had my own personal take on it and was proud to call it my own. It wasn’t until last year that I fully decided to pursue this passion that burned me from the inside until it could reach the surface. I’m a writer. I can now state that with a smile on my face and no real feeling of failure in life. I know this is what I’m good at and also what many must come to realize. 

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Who of us can state that we are pursuing our dream job? We can chase the money and the fame but do you honestly feel content? Sure I can throw myself into the limelight and state that I’m not “banking” in writing. For the most part I wrote here on my blog while working on my book. I have a couple of short stories spread out in different mediums. Still, like I said, I claim the title of writer. I can explain it as clear as day, writing is just in my blood and the more I embraced it the more it is revealed to me. Hence, why I encourage people to read, write or just be creative. You never really know what is inside you waiting to come out. Don’t be afraid of what others may say, work on your craft and grow, find support and keep working towards your dream. As I write this article I look out to the world, not only for people who are going to read my work in the future but also those who will reveal their own “work” in whatever gift or talent they have to shine with.


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