I Shall Bear Witness

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Order, order in the court…do you swear to speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?…….I do….

Many of you pictured or imagined a courtroom as you read the sentence above. It’s funny how we so easily disregard life as a whole sometimes or see the value in it. We don’t “bear” witness to it. We see the world around us and live within it, upholding our own ideologies or beliefs. Yet, what can we say about revealing what we believe or perceive to be as truth by being witnesses to it.

It comes to no surprise that our characters are determined not by our words but by our actions. That which we do is for the most part what defines us, a tree is seen by the fruit it bears. Such it is in life and though we can all agree to this, why is it that when we present truth in its purest form, we disregard it in our lives? How can this be? Simple. The truth we uphold is shown or revealed by our lives.

We live day by day, we are taught that man is destined to die but while he is here on earth he must find his purpose or live a happy, successful life. This for the most part is understand as the “truth” of the human race in this day and age. Depending on the culture, things will be added as in, finding a spouse, getting a good job, a house, a dog, or even 1-2 kids. We go to school to achieve this or take into affect a trade to practice and apply what we learn. We begin to “wear” this notion and everything we learn, based on experiences and emotions, begins to shape our lives. Such is it with what we gather to be truth.

We understand by what is defined that truth is that which is true, something we can prove with facts, but what does it really mean? We can go on for hours debating the definition but what I have found is an acceptable one is, that which is derived to be what is and will always be, unchanging, visible or presented to be accurate based on what is established or presented. It might sound a bit philosophical but trust me it is not. It is contrary to what many believe is truth which is relative, opinions, derived by our emotions. In essence or for example, 2+2 is a mathematical equation, what was determined to equal 4 now, shall be 4 based on its core foundation when it was presented apart from someone saying in a relative view, it equals 5 or can equal 5.

Now what exactly am I trying to explain here? Simple, the truth we so eagerly share with others we seem not to “bear” it. Those who speak of equality for the most part, sees a part of themself as biased, they may still stereotype or hold to slightly different beliefs. Someone who believes in a God, will reflect it truly in their lives if they fully do believe it. Thus, my title for this article is now revealed. Let me bear witness.

I’ve lived a short yet full life in my opinion. I’ve experienced much but one thing I can properly say is, I believe there is a God. In so being the case I am shown or to properly relay, I allow my life to be a testimony, proof that God is real. Not only do I present the Gospel but I also allow himself to show himself through me. I was not a saint, nor do I ever claim to be one. I fail many times and I am not perfect yet, compared to how I was before, it is remarkable. Sure, we can have psychologists state that it was a changing of the mind. Yet, on the contrary, to state I had control over anything is misleading. You see, I couldn’t really do much only God could. Just as ta problem we face as 2+2=4, man can do nothing or be considered “good” without God. We think we are and we can act like it, but wear is the proof, the truth? Just because we say so? What about what is actual truth? You see life is not a game, not all roads lead to heaven, and no matter how much “truth” we spout, only our lives will reveal what we believe. Just something to think about. Live the life you speak, even if you are not a God fearing man, if you want to be respected based on your beliefs, respect others and etc. As for me, I shall bear witness.


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