Traveling Man

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The sun burned my skin. I don’t even know which was worst, the rays of scorching heat literally turning me to a crisp or the barren, paved road, as black as tartarus cooking me like a frying pan. I gazed above, covering my eyes with my hands. There were two vultures circling above. Their shadows in perfect unison as if they were performing a play and this was just a tragedy. But it was. A lone boy, a runaway, no where to go and stuck in the middle of no where. It was actually quite funny. My delusions of running away with my families fortune only to spend it all and be alone, no home and no where to go. Days without eating or proper sleep, now hoping for someone to take pity as I lie here on the street.

someone….please…..I thought.

Thud. Thud. Thud. I heard footsteps approaching. I was so caught into my thoughts I almost couldn’t hear them. The man was close by. My lips trembled, I could hear the crackling from them as I tried to lick them to speak. It was bad enough I couldn’t even muster enough spit.

I could see him now as I turned to face him. As he approached all I could see was a silhouette as he stood towering over me. I tried to speak but it was as if all my energy had depleted.

“Rest now my child, hear have something to drink.” his voice was as an angels in my hour of need.

He lifted my head and gave me water. I coughed a bit back up as I was surprised by how cold, clean, and delicious it tasted in my mouth. Who would of thought, water would be so good. As I blinked, drinking and feeling this bliss I could see a smile on the mans face.

After awhile I tried to speak.

“T-thank…you…s-sir…”, my body was still tired, my voice sounding rasp.

“My child, rest for we have much to do. Once you are rested we shall go.” the man responded in a calm voice.

“B-but to where? I have no where to go.” I responded.

“No where? I believe we are going home. It’s simple, if you follow me I shall show you the way.” the man smiled at me.

Who was I for this kind sir to stop in his travels to help me, I was nothing I thought. Only thing I had on was rags and looked beaten, defeated, on the side of the road.

The man looked out to the distance, “Thought where I am going you will not be able to follow, as long as you follow me I shall show you the way. There is hope my child, for though we may feel as if life has no meaning, is in darkness, there is light. I shall show you life.”

I started to get up. I had rested enough. I looked up at him.

He looked at me and spoke, “Follow me. Leave all your worries behind.”

We started to make our way….home.


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