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Time. Age. Education. Degrees. Careers. Family.

Vague intro is it not? You would think that with a title like the one I decided to pick I was going to talk about how to obtain an infinite amount of these things. A motivational way to excel and supersede any notions described before. Based on my previous work, it could all point to that but more so I want elaborate on some things. Very few times we allow people to speak up or spend time reading someone’s work because they are not “well known”. Yet, I don’t care about being well known, fame, fortune, none of that concerns me. Like some people know who follow my work, I’ve had enough and lost it all before. What I will give is tips to live a life with meaning, I won’t label it the 10 things you should do, but I can say, these things changed who I was and made me who I am today. So I guess I would say this is the magnificent 7 things that I’ve found to make me limitless in life.

1. Age is just a number:

It is true that age can help define who we are, when we are 18 we become adults, when we are 21 we can drink(here in the states). Yet I’ve found people limit who they are because of this. “Adults” feel a type of way if they tell their friends they like cartoons or even how you are supposed to act. The key phrases I hear nowadays is “act your age”. Yet I respectfully believe maturity is not defined by age nor should creativity be diminished because of it. Sometimes we say things like, if only I was younger. Stop. You are alive, live life to the fullest, don’t be reckless but with your experiences be mindful. If you want to get a degree in something do it, don’t be restricted by age.

2. Always follow and speak the truth:

I cannot tell someone how much I could turn back the wheels of time to fix my mistakes. In all honesty, I know and understand why my last ex had her doubts about me, I understood why I lose friends and why my parents are always wondering about me. I am a very mysterious person, secretive in fact. My writing allows me to “come out” of the shell I allow myself to go into which is my mind. Yet one thing I can say without a doubt is to follow truth. Not a matter of opinions or high sounding philosophies but truth in its absolute. As well, be willing to speak it, even if people hate you or you walk alone. The truth is better than a lie and honesty is key to living a successful, “happy” life. Speaking honestly, I would say, I love spending my time writing, I am in love with someone who probably never wants to see me again, I love God, and I may not be rich but I can say I’ve lived and am living.

3. Don’t believe horoscopes or fancy guides:

Yes, I know, you would think I wouldn’t place this on my list, but I must. We are so caught up in these notions, the truth is, we cannot be led astray by vague descriptions of events we have no true control over. We can define our future, that is true, but to an extent. That being said, don’t let your desire be clouded by a false sense of who you should be or what you can accomplish. I see people following these things or even when I had social media, posting about it. Friends and family saying that they are a capricorn, cancer, and etc and they base their lives upon this. People listen to the top 10 ways to get your perfect man/woman. Thing is, people are just people. We each experience things differently and grow on our own. The guides or lists can serve as a way to help make a choice but guess what? It’s still a matter of our choice, I could say I’m still kind of iffy about fate and etc but one thing I know is this, I chose to write this now, instead of earlier when the idea came to mind. Be you, not what someone may claim you to be.

4. Be present:

Ah, the good ole subject I love to speak about which truly has hit my the past two months. I always think about a lot of what has transpired in my life. In fact, the past and future haunt me more than the present, I am as is stated in a psychologists point of view, an ambiverted, OCD with depression and anxiety. Or like I like to see it now, human. I’m not going to lie, I have a tendency to over think things, I like to be a realist in the sense that I look at the bad as well as the good, but that doesn’t mean I’m “weak minded”. In fact, it shows I’m human, in willing to look at all angles and be prepared. That’s how I see time now, as a way to prepare while still living my life as it passes by. I don’t know the future but I won’t let it cloud my judgment on how I should live. I have goals and dreams and I work for them but I can change my mind later on. All I can do is live, truly live, the past is gone and so I should remember but not let it hold me down, instead I should grow and learn from it.

5. To love and learn to be loved:

Another topic I speak about, but more so for the fact that I truly want others to understand the beauty of it. People ask how I can know love in such a way or even describe it if I don’t have anyone and I’m single. I always respond with, what do you mean? I have my family, my closest friends, and God, plus my dog. What more can I ask for? I understand that love is beautiful and is a choice, sacrifice. And to be able to not only give love but learn to receive it, in all its truest forms by the right people. To be able to truthfully know love is to be give love.

6. Soul mates don’t exist:

I’ve heard it all before, he’s or she’s my missing piece, my other half. Stop it. No one is your other half, you are complete. No one will “complete” you, but it is nice to have someone who will carry on with you in life as a support and teammate. I remember the words I told my ex, I think you are the “one”, yet look at me now, single. Love isn’t about the “one” it’s about working as a team with eachother and never giving up. There should never be a one but two, two people who truly live eachother apart from all odds. Who you decide to marry and see past their imperfections and hold onto no matter what, that is your special person. I see so many people caught in the lie or fantasy and they let so many relationships pass by or become destroyed. Love and learn what love really is.

7. It’s ok to want or be selfish at times:

Pride, selfishness, it is a sin and causes troubles, believe me. I for one can attest to being always a very selfish person. In fact, in most relationships it seems to always draw to a me, me, me. But I’ve learned there is a balance to it all as I matured. It’s okay to want something, desire someone, but don’t let it consume you or turn you greedy. Learn to value what you have and who you have. We know what we would like and if it benefits us in all the right ways to improve who we are and does not conflict with others, and we can attain it, than do so. But like I said, it’s better to be humble or give than to receive. Don’t settle for less than your value, because truth is, you are special and beautiful, no matter how you look or feel. The truth is we all try to gain equality but the truth is we are all different, and that’s what is special about each and every one us. Don’t be defined by a career or a level of education, go for the top and go beyond, if you think you can than strive to do so but as well learn to understand that life is more than pursuits but about having people with you. So learn balance while also learning to know what you want.


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