I’ll Show My Hand

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What’s that famous line said in poker? Show your hand? Or so I believe it to be.

Let me be fair to those that read my stories, my blog, my articles. I’m human, just like you. To some, we can relate and declare ourselves to be writers. I for one strive to be as honest as possible when it comes to my words and work.

For me, writing is much more than trying to make a name for myself. I feel like something is lost in the venture to be an author of sorts. Don’t get me wrong, every author would love to see their stories read and their hard work appreciated. But I also believe there is more to it all.

Even now, I sit here in the tub( I know, too much info), writing on my phone the thoughts that escape me unto a screen. I feel as a writer, or as all writers, we each have a story to share and until we do, we don’t feel as ourselves. Writing is of course taking an idea, experience, subject, and showing our point of view, even if it is a biography, our words deceive the person, or event, etc.

Some who follow what I write, get to see who I really am as a person. Beyond the looks I get as a person, you see my soul, my mind, my words. They do say actions speak louder than words but I have seen that words have true power and is lead by actions when it is true. Writing in essence is that which is you.

Now there are some who abuse it, in all honesty. There’s ways that teach you to manipulate your reader, catch their attention. A reader should be entertained or interested, true, but I believe as well it should always inspire, teach, encourage. Then again my belief stems from what the bible says, to always do these things, out of respect and the well being of others.

So I show my hands. The cards given to me to serve my purpose. I’m not going to lie and say I would love to get paid to do so, write. Have a book or books that are well known. But like I’ve stated before, I prefer people actually learn something.

I don’t have a degree in English, creative writing, journalism, etc. I am learning as I go and truly write from the heart while also being a reader and researcher, knowing what I write and honing my gifts to get better. I admire when someone follows this blog and appreciate the likes, don’t think I don’t. It all encourages me to keep going and as I grow, I hope my words keep inspiring and motivating others.

To my fellow writers, don’t give up. Be upfront and reveal that which you feel the world needs to hear. Continue to write. As I always say, as you write, continue to bleed.


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