Key to Life

We’re trapped. Whether we believe it or not we are in bondage to something. This is the reality of the world. We can be ensnared by an idea it even a situation, state of mind, even feeling. And so we desperately seek a way out, we try to “escape” reality at times or find the “key”, either to success or happiness. What if I told you you will never truly find the key to unlock life here in the world? Instead I told you that the the key of life, key to be happy, key to freedom, peace, is and can only be Jesus. 

Like I stated or have stated previously, we are so quick to say we are free and in turn try to become independent or gain a sense of independence. As we grow into our teenage years we strive to find a sense of freedom, live our lives by our choices and become locked by them, having them define who we are. Even then we think or presume to believe that we have a sense of control when we are limited and locked by our state of mind. We become trapped into believing we are free but are slaves to our desires in reality.

I’ve explained my past in previous posts, one thing to note is that I was an alcoholic but as well I was someone who felt he needed a substance to feel free. I always felt like I had to have control and when things didn’t go my way, I reveled in such affairs as alcohol or drugs to feel relaxed or take my mind off things. The reality is that though we try to gain control, reality sinks in and we start to realize we don’t really have control. Things are uncertain in the future, we can only work for what we may want the future to appear. People feel the pressure and in turn, allow their minds to become slaves to not feeling anything at all. Some become slaves to a system of continuously working. Others who believe themselves to be “good” will pose as someone who is pious and becomes a slave to the belief that they grant themselves their own righteousness. The one who believes himself wise is shown to be nothing but a fool or so is said. 

For the Christian we too can be caught in a trap, believing that we are live for Christ and that we are to produce works and act or put on a manner of Christ as if we had control or charge. The reality is that we are dead to sin and it is all because of God that we are saved and freed, given life. It is not that we do things, but what the spirit does through us or how the spirit of Christ makes us alive. So in turn it is no longer us who live but Christ, we bear the image. And though our individuality is unique our identity is to be how God intended us to be and that perfect picture is seen through Christ. 

Now it is no lie that we are trapped in sin, in this world which has become depraved, under the rule of Satan and is like a prison, enchained by death. Yet their is hope, God did come to free and bring life. And though we wish to be happy and rejoice at all times, we are given life to live lives by the power of the spirit. God opened the doors of the prison, took our place and through this sacrifice, reveals he is the way, the truth and life because he has conquered death. That prison, sin, anything that moves you away from God or become a substitute from God, leads to death and we are shown, Jesus is the key. He not only is the key but also is life. Don’t think you can do it all on your own. Your addiction, thinking you have control, feeling conflicted by a desire to marry, desire to be successful, give it to God and let him free you. The reality is God is enough, Jesus is all you need. We can have people jump out and say, what about oxygen and food and I rebuke such talk, what I am conveying is a life, our true life which goes beyond this temporary existence but that which is eternal. But also our lives on this world, it’s time we notice the bars on the windows, the chains on our legs and allow God to reveal himself, free you. You did nothing for him to want to come to the rescue of his beloved, you, his people, understand this. The bible isn’t just revealing the greatest love story, it is revealing God, he is love. Manifested in the flesh the word became and in all his glory and mercy comes to give life, show you the truth and guide you towards peace. Only he can save. And so with a heavy heart I cry out through these words that bleed from my heart. Hear his voice, repent and turn from your ways and find freedom in Christ. To die is gain and to live is Christ he is God, he is king, he is the key to the kingdom, to life

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