It’s Incredible

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It’s really a marvel, to just step back and see everything that has been happening. We rarely do that nowadays. We focus more of finding an “alone” time, relax, dull the mind or senses, we forget to just reflect on life as a whole. It happened to me as I finished writing my last entry, going through the list of articles in jotterpad I have written out. Each post a reflection of my beliefs, my work, out into the world. Where people I don’t know read it and just as I do to articles, wonder what brought them to write such a piece.

It’s been quite some time looking back as well on where I stand as an individual. I am currently single and with my views shifted to what truly is, learning more about myself, growing, allowing God to change me, I see how much I’ve evolved. I could hardly recognize myself and though I do tend to bare similarities, the distinction is relevant. The reality is that we forget how amazing such simple things affect us.

I’ve heard the butterfly effect, heck, I’ve even seen all three movies(first one is only one I recommend). I see how just by my choices, how I’ve affected people’s lives forever. Even with that said, I see how much things and people have affected myself. Everything seems to be so interwoven like a puzzle piece yet seemingly as random as a single grain of sand of sand at the beach. Still, that one grain forms a collective to allow the shore to be formed. Such is how life has been revealed to me. The more I live on, the more intricate, complex it seems yet orchestrated by design. And though it seems as if I’m ranting, I ask you if you’ve ever just stopped, wondered, and just said to yourself, it’s incredible, isn’t it?

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