Just Do It

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Time seems to just pass by, I’ve learned that a lot over the past couple of weeks. You can be so engaged upon a mitaculous events that it all seems to be a blur. One day you wake up an notice time has simply passed you by. We honestly believe we have all the time in the world and honestly that is our fault as people. The reality is we do not and we have all these ideas or goals we set for ourselves, no real “time” as we put it and in turn see it pass us by. Today, just as always, I encourage you to get off your comfort zones, not only to you but myself as well.

Let’s be honest, we would all rather be doing something we would truly enjoy, truly benefit from. Some people find solace in their career choices, others work a job they hate til they retire. Kids dream big, adults say they, themselves, need to wake up and pay bills. We are in a constant battle with ourselves and our society.

I can’t even tell you how many times people said I needed to finish school to survive being an adult. Yet here I am, 25 years old, no degree, and though I would like to get one, I would do so to meet people and be open to more possibilities. The reality is we limit ourselves.

I’ve talked about how we need to break free and become who we are meant to be. But one thing I didn’t truly say or write is to just go out and do it. Trust me, I am not the most well known writer, like I’ve stated, I’m not published or event have people asking to read my latest work. Still, I take time out of my day to write not only in my journal, my book, but on my blog as well. I may not be bringing in the “green” through writing, but guess what, I still write. Every post or wordbrings me closer to what I want to accomplish, knowing I am a writer in my heart and letting the world see it. So should everyone be in the state of mind.

We fear so much in life. Life is short, like they usually say, go big or go home. Now I’m not saying drop everything and move to Japan to be a samurai. With a calm, collected mind, sound in reason, prepare the steps to take to get to where you see yourself and actually walk it. We can spend hours dreaming or wishing things to come about, in reality though, hard work pays off. Stop making excuses. Go and do it.


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