At 25

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Just a number. 25. Yet this number regarded in such a way that is said to mark adulthood. Some can argue and say 18 should be the mark. Others can agree and state what is said about this number in which I have presented.

At 25, it is said by this age one has finished college for the most part. Your career is established. You are either starting to get serious with someone, married, have a kid, or getting out of your 20s phase. You begin to feel the effects of truly being an adult. It is true others can feel it earlier or even a bit later. Yet to the constant that remains, 25 seems to be a mild stone in life.

I never saw any of this or even worried about such things in which I wrote about. No looking back or even stopping and observing my own life. Now, at 25, I can say these “goals” or steps one should have taken seems to be just a limitation placed upon people. I don’t believe in following a “list” of dos and don’t s, though I learned from the experiences, mistakes and have grown from that. During the generations of the 90s kids and 2000s, the “rules” seem to be changing.

At 23, I was signing to buy my first house. I never finished college, only going so far to gain my certification in a technical college not even an associate. By 24 and now 25, I have been in a management position for about 5-6 years now. At 25, I discovered my passion to write and know I want to be a writer, an author. At 25, God showed me the path I needed to take to serve him and his people. At 25, a calling to preach and teach has engulfed me from what was prophetised when I was a couple of months old. At 25, I am single though like I stated I found love in a different way, myself and others, due to my realization of my narcisstic tendencies and pride in which I avoided or disregarded til late. At 25, I started a blog, am writing 2 books, and feel as clear headed as ever. At 25, I am now a couple months sober from any substance. At 25, I am no longer letting the facades that overencompassed my life before with the lies and living as honest as I can. At 25, I am learning to be in control to the extent of the holy spirit truly changing me and allowing me self control over my body and mind to be healthy, mentally and physically. At 25, I respect women and no longer see them as projects or objectify them. At 25, I have owned 2 cars. At 25, you could say I was truly living.

You see, age is a number and no matter what people tell you, life is uncertain. We each experience things or do things at our own time, regardless of age. Be patient. In and through all I’ve learned that God heals, changes, directs you to a proper purpose when you lead a life for him, it isn’t about a number.


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