If This Is Love

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If this is love, may the space be penetrated to come to distance as I marvel upon a star. Blasting off from the rocks that hold me by force. Finding an orbit beyond the heights of the heavens.
If this is love. Allow me to remain anchored amongst the seas. Diving deep and finding my treasures amongst shipwrecks. Enduring the storms and waves til I find land.

If this is love, mark the passages and words, eloquently written about such a blissful tale. Bring meaning to these feelings that transcend ties of emotions that drown me in oceans.

If this is love, bring me my paint to allow all to see the face of such beauty. Letting my senses trace with proper texture as my hands run through the curves of the features.

If this is love, understand that though I’m held in awe by your expressions, I’m captivated by your imperfections seeing it to fit into the pieces of perfection. Learning to know you in body, mind, soul.

If this is love, know that I will love forever and more, never letting go for love that is given is better than received and my heart…is yours.


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