Loving love

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Everyone loves love. This is something not to take lightly when we hear this. We become so infatuated with a person at times or the idea of love, romance, with an individual we allow it to cloud us. At times we hold to someone or something that requires you to let go because deep down it is hurting you, not allowing you to grow. I wrote this out of all the experiences I’ve had, yet I can be called young but that doesn’t excuse if what I speak on the is true.

The reality of love or relationships I’ve seen now is people don’t want to commit anymore. It is either they want to “try” dating someone or they “feel” something and once it is gone, they also drift away. I’ve spoken about it many times, what has happened to love? Truth? Nothing has happened to it, only our views and meaning.

I’m not going to go on a long rant on what is love, if you want you can check my previous articles but just know love is truly, giving, sacrifice, respect, trust, devotion, patience and etc. The reality is love doesn’t stop, regardless of the circumstances or events, love overcomes. Many people don’t understand this one thing, true love never dies. I see people nowadays consumed by lust and passions yet once a wall is reached instead of moving over or forward they stop. RelationSHIPS become wrecked and our views distorted of people because someone may have been “wrong” but in reality not ready.

Even to the point in stating if one is truly going to be ready we forget that there is never going to be truly a time to be “ready”. Scripture tells us a man pursues his wife or finds her, meaning gentleman, get off your butts and pursue but do so with respect and with knowing what true love is. In the same manner, women, be of support and not always trying to control your “man”. It’s not about calling names that are cute, not “bae”, build with them and grow. Truly grow with eachother, get to know them and build your foundation on something solid. Let God be your guide. I’ve experienced what happens when you let sex consume you, when you idolize someone, instead get to know them, become best friends, lovers, etc. Don’t rush into something, instead learn to commit.

What this short little spouting of words is meant to do is to help people understand that each of us is of value. People are not something to pass the time. Each of us has stories and lives and when we take time to grow and commit we become as one. Let your intentions be true and clear from the jump, one should ultimately date for marriage and I’m not saying the person you might be dating is the “one”. Truly see the person, You are giving yourself to, commiting, is doing the same and though love is more than giving than receiving we must also recognize that love doesn’t hold back or is self centered, each person gives to eachother and builds upon eachother. You will have fights, you may even have heart breaks. Just know as well, time doesn’t heal, no, God does, and when you begin to see you do have value as well, not in an egocentric way of thought, but as someone who is loved and is so filled with love to give to another, you will see the beauty of love. It is not a fantasy, love is real.


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