Shutting Off The Noise

Silence. I believe this is the word that better describes what I truly longed for. For one who speaks so much it would seem or write it is in those moments I find peace. We have so much to say yet so little that actually means something. Words always have the deepest of meaning when given so. Yet to me, they are worlds, actions, words to me have power.

Mystery held me in complete awe. So I sit here, writing. Finding the peace of mind that comes in as a harbinger longing to bring me home. Each drop of ink or passing of keys unlocking my mind from the storm that rages within. Restless nights I describe, trying to find solace in such disarray.

I looked at my pocket watch on the table. The ticking kept my heart in unison with its motion. I could hear my breathing. The world seems to be at a stand still as I sit here writing. The worlds I’ve explored as a reader or the world’s that flow from my imagination. The desk felt cold. I looked at the screen again. The light brushed against my skin though I felt not its touch. The blinking line on the screen as the words were ready to escape.

I noticed the humming noise in the background. Sounds of music. Sweet melodies that filled my ears and I found myself smiling. It was these moments that I find myself allowing time to be felt. I felt the strokes of each key. It began to take hold. Words flowed and I began to bleed. Though I could it now hear it as more words escaped. The noise all around me. And in those moments as the words finished I noticed why I longed for the peace of mind. I preferred the silence. I prefer finding myself in the quiet of night than the storm that rages inside or around. And so I write.

Life’s A Beach

They say life’s a beach. Puns not intended, though we remain unsure of our chores so we wait shored. Waiting til coasts are clear passing life bored. Though we seek adventures, wishing to pass horizons. Setting up our sons or daughters to continue rising. Letting it come in waves, life’s flow. Going against tides as we look to stand when we’re low. Collecting sea shells while the warmth beneath us is calmed. Castles built, reminiscing about reality losing its hold. Sands running its course, beneath the oceans floor. So we embrace the waters, feeling it clash or gently pass. Allowing others to ship relations hoping to last. Til one day someone detects the treasure you are and dives deep. But then again life’s a beach or so they say, it could all be just a . . . dream.

Love Yesterday While Loving Tomorrow

A common thing I often hear is that God may have removed you from someone or in any relationship, intimate/frendship, because he knows what you truly need. Or how you need to view your own worth. To burst your bubble that’s the ego speaking. God does know what you need, true, but our choices reflect if we truly listen to him.

Love is commitment and sacrifice. He tells us men to pursue wives and how as believers we should live. In his guidance we take an approach and if it is not found in sound convictions or unity, while respecting differences, rooted in what is truth, separating emotions, it will fall. We decide and the problem is we try to devalue or justify our hate for another because of the rejection or denying the acceptance of it ending.

God reveals people to help us grow and build with. If we decide to break any bonds, it’s on us, while it may be true that because of our beliefs or change of heart we may feel convicted and turn from people who will only bring you down instead of being a support. With love you abide in Christ and with love you hate none, you forgive.

True love never fades, let not your emotions betray you. Have we not been restored, a new heart, soul, mind? Show love and know, though we grow together or apart, let there be love, even if those we once held close drift away, or you begin to surround yourself with those who will advance your walk. We are all on the journey of life.

We ultimately decide who we should love and upon this perception we will see that love is truly sacrifice. Because out of mercy Jesus died for you, while he could of seen his value and disowned us. Love is pure, love is unconditional, love is God. Let us not love in halves and be wary of who we give our hearts, our bodies, and even more so, our soul or minds.

Worry Not

You may think everyone is passing you by, “ahead” in life. Some people get married at an earlier age, others a degree, some have kids, and etc. But you are on your own timing, God has a plan for you. You can worry about the what ifs, but where is that going to take you? You will get “there” you just need to understand that everyone learns lessons or experiences things differently. Just because you may believe you are behind doesn’t mean you are. No one is truly “there” or in control, we all have our own problems and responsibilities. Don’t rush because then you lose sight of the now with your fear of tomorrow or sadness of what once was. Accept and grow, if things are God’s will, you will be led to it when you have grown.

Be still

Cast O my soul all weary drolls. Find me resting amongst heavens grace. Seek me not when I have gone. Longing touch to reach souls embrace. Here me O heart which wanders for refuge in this domain. Pass the snare upon such face. Memories gone, now live in sound, presence presents presently pleasant. A new man. Recite to me such words. Ever flowing love. Be still.

Into the Night

A shiver ran down my spine. I could feel the gentle breeze and hear the rustling of the leaves. Sounds intertwined as all of stars filled the sky. The moon hanging in wait as it shun upon my face. Radiating a soft glow as the reflections wavered in the waters beneath me. I stood there, calm, collected, though I was layered from head to toe. This was the world, captivating, apart from a still surface or dimensional object to grab moments. The night alive. I found myself closing my eyes and breathing in.The snow touching my lips as if nature itself knew it held me in bliss. I looked once more to the city that lay behind me. The lights surrounding the towers and skyscrapers men had worked years to bring into existence. The sounds hardly reaching where I stood. Yet time seemed to be held in place as nature knew not its weight, though the passing came on its own.

I started to turn from the coast. I could see a couple walking towards me. Fingers interlocked and smiles from side to side. A date I figured. I smiled at them as they passed me by as I walked towards the city. The young girl wrapping both hands around the young man, close to grab warmth.

After a few minutes the sounds engulfed me in its ocean. Massive metal beams coated and forged to stand above me now covered my view of the heavens. Yet through all the noise, the lights, the stars I could not see, there it was. The moon shun, quietly in place, still shining down on me.

I hugged my coat. I looked back now at the place where once I stood and saw in the distance the couple. I smiled. Memories of the night I thought, reflections of phases we face, yet still, we find peace, even amongst the chaos of the night. I turned to face the storm before me and even in knowing what was ahead, I was held by my own memories, her face and with that I find my own embrace and awaited the sun to bring the light once again.

Clearing the Air

Many people have a misconception of Christianity. People believe we are a over zealous, religious set of people who bash on people because their views speak in contrast to their own. That we are people who just speak about Jesus all the time and don’t have “fun”. But let’s clear the air. Christianity is a name termed in the first century A.D for those who followed the teachings of Christ but more so, believed in him, or as early historians point out., worshipped him. The truth we speak are as witnesses. We can verify it all within history and attest that God is truth. There aresome of us who are raisedin thechurchbut as well thoseofus who take the time and study the faith and see the truth.

Now, for the most part, of what I’ve come to realize is that there unfortunately is two sides of the coin. You have your true believers and then those who just like to wear the title. Christianity is not a religion, contrary to belief. Though we follow doctrines or “commands” we do so because of our faith and shifting of hearts to love for our God, it is because we understand his mercy and grace that we do so not out of a desire to gain salvation or to think that our deeds grant us a way to salvation. We are not perfect and one who claims to be so is merely caught in his own self righteousness but is at fault. The Christian life is not perfect nor one with total success in this world. In fact, the world hates us for the most part. We follow that which was taught to us as good, loving, and truth and the world rejects such teachings as they are taught to follow oneself and devoid absolutes for opinionsor as truth being rational.

Yet I cannot disregard the actions some of my brothers have done in the name of God, but a true Christian acts not in such manners. Love should be the root which is God, to Love God and love our neighbors.

Now it is absurd to think we live lives of boredom, our standards have merely shifted. We find pleasure in what is good and see the beauty in creation instead of the creation becoming an idol. None of this implies we are better than anyone, contrary, we acknowledge our faults and view ourselves as sinners only justified by Christ. There are those within the body who have not matured as Paul would describe or return to regulations as they were Pharisees, they worry about what to eat, say, wear, hear and turn religious. Yet it is wise to know, all is from God and it is true we turn to what is godly, pure, and etc, but we come to understand we follow not the path of sin. I can enjoy food, even be amazed at the talents of an artist, but I find no need to partake in the debauchery others do. Though I can attest I may partake in some wine, but I let it not consume me as before, nor any substance or pleasure. Just because one may be free of sin does not excuse one to continuously return, to love God is to obey him. Our sufficiency is in Christ and apart from him all is vain but we understand the separation of wants and needs. It is as the Romans described of past, early Christians, helped the poor, one another, were self controlled, and worshipped God, not just with their tongues but their lives. Hence I speak to bring clarification. Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship not just with God but with man as well our lives bear fruit.


Maybe they’re the words that are never shared.

 Feelings we drown in, in fear in despair. 

Maybe they’re mistakes one has regretted. 

Forgotten memories that have us stricken to having us return to our wickedness. 

Maybe it’s a thought of what could be. 

Maybe….wait….let us not be unsure but rejoice in being content. 

Maybe can be a maybe but I’m certain of who I am and what I feel, I am real. 

Uncertainty can knock on my door and maybe may touch my lips or creep in. 

But my mind knows peace, let maybe be its own and let me grow allowing me to be one with my soul. 

Then again maybe these words are you for those who have learned to be whole. 


Sharing What’s Real

I can post what I would like others to see. Paint a picture of how “perfect” my life is and showcase all the “spots” I go to or have been to. In all honesty, I’ve posted at times wondering how would some people react to things. Yet, I’ve learned it is truly all vanity. My desire is not to please, not is it to entertain though I may bring smiles with a joke or an article, a story I’ve written. My goal is not to get shares or to be liked by my poetry or art. No, my desire is to share the truth, not only of who I am but of who God is and what we truly need in life.

It is so easy to lose ourselves in a narcisstic system within social media. It is easy to follow the crowd and yet walk/feel so alone because we believe we are the center of the universe and people “need” us yet we do not “need” them. Is it not better to love and grow with one another? Or have we forgotten the value of men? Passing through time or wasting it as you captivate moments that are lost within pixels and not embraced in the present. Trust me, there is nothing wrong but how far do we take things to highlight our lives and fear going deep. We lose trust because of the promises we tried to keep and when we are revealed who someone truly is, we run or even what one is capable of, good or bad. We allow our own anxieties to plague us into a state of mind, lost in the flow of feeds yet remain hungry or timelines, losing ourselves in the dawning of a new age.

I would rather be “real”. Honestly presenting my flaws and faults and revealing how much I have changed or continue to do so. Why must I hide? Why is it bad to share what I feel? What I think? Because people think I want the attention? On the contrary, I want people to see I am but a man, they are not alone. We all go through things in life and guess what? It’s ok. I don’t want that fancy life. Fame can be given to the next man. I don’t seek goals or dreams, I seek life, I seek Christ. When I was a child I chased after the things of a child but as a man I’ve matured and grown to understand the trials and to face them. I’ve grown to love, not only by experiencing love but also in losing it, as well but truly finding it in God. My life reveals my heart and my faith made stronger as I dwell in the presence of my savior. Amidst all the ramblings of my words I will continue to encourage, share my heart, share the love, with truth, and with honesty.

This Is Love

​Beating hearts within lingering hugs.

Eyes twinkling like stars amidst the longing glances.

Sparks igniting and lighting up feelings thought lost though the impact filled with passion.

Laughs enjoyed and in unison amongst words spoken deeper in flow.

Time seeming to pass and stopping though moments are born.

Memories of long ago thrown afloat and one another they begin to know.

Hearts exchanged and souls intertwined.

That but a fairy tale made to reality.

Tales written in stone to mark a once upon a time.

Tragedies made and restored from broken pieces. 

Hold not your breath but speak without hesitation.

A sacrifice committed to give.

For in this speak and with bleeding hearts find the moving touch.

Beyond physical senses to be bewildered upon an invigorating flux.

Writing words that reaches dreamers dreams. 

You are the reason, the catalyst.

This is Love.