Behind the Curtains

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The world’s a stage and we are all actors following a script, until the curtains close. This was something I heard before as a child. I never truly understood it until these last few years. People have become so good at acting like the world has some sense to it when yet we are all mad looking for order.

They never tell you growing up that life will not be easy. Parents simply tell you, it’s time for you to grow up. They act like they themselves hold the key to the future when yet they’ve learned lessons and we ask for guidance. People like pointing their own experiences and stating such things as “When I was growing up I….”, insert the blank, you know what I mean. The reality is we don’t know the future nor can we try to comprehend how someone else may endure it, we can only truly understand one another and grow, help eachother as a support to at least make it through today. Tomorrow will always bring its own problems.

I’ve watched this world change in the last twenty years. I am considered young but still an adult and yet I can attest that I have yet to see the horrors others have seen. I can be a witness to my atrocities as well as pain. Yet even with all said we like to paint ourselves as characters and lose our identities, lose ourselves to this world. We so quickly throw away morality, truth, all for feelings and opinions only to satisfy our desires and become so egotistic we disregard others. People tend to say I’m an old soul yet the reality is, I’m human. Just stating what I am is not an excuse, though most of us use it. We have faults and are imperfect yet we use that as a crutch to not show the world what could truly be accomplished if we cared. We are told not to care, if someone has wronged you, cross them out and “do you” yet are we not living this life together? When did one human being truly understand we all go back to the dirt in the end, created as equals yet still with our own character and individuality? Why is it so hard to comprehend all of this? Instead we pass our dies wasting time on things that will truly hinder our potential and chain us from truly living.

I’ve stated it in various of my recent articles and in part it is because I’m writing as a personal note but also to show I’m one of you, I’m tired of the facade. I’ve hidden behind masks for years only because I have yet to find someone to truly trust. Though I regret some of the choices even in saying I wish I could change them, I’ve retraced it seeing my mistakes. There is still much for me to learn and that’s the beauty of life, to never stop growing. I don’t need to follow the trend, guides of a romance life and etc, for me I abide and live in truth and love, God. It is true they never tell you how long it will be to cope with how you would feel when you fall in love and feel your heart shattered. It’s true they don’t tell you you will have to make sacrifices to help your family survive, that you might not finish college, that you may even feel alone because you’re single. People assume and try to input what worked for them and instead of seeing it as advice people begin to shift and change to try to find their identities in someone else. You will never find your identity in someone else, not in your career, title, health, money, relationship and etc, because in the end we each take our last breaths on this earth. It’s a marvel how I see this “play” on stage, people masquerading and don’t see how lost they are. Because of this charade they revel in meaningless pursuits or substitutes to fill the answers to questions they’ve always asked. Who am I?

Who am I? A question asked since the dawn of man one could say. Looking for the answers within ourselves or even constituting entities through forms we could see to clarify a sense of meaning. Turning from the observers to theorists, each now believing to be supreme over one’s life til chaos strikes and the pedastool or idol we’ve positioned, crumbles. The applause has finished and we head home, curtains closed and we look into the reflection that remains blank. Yet has this question not been answered before? Did not God come and reveal his plan? Show us that we are his children? Show us that we are loved because he who was without sin took our place? He who is life, gave his life so that in death he may overcome it to take our place and rescue us. In and through all of this to bring light so that all who come to him may see and not be lost, finding their identity in him who is God. We’ve allowed so much of the world affect us that we’ve forgotten God and in turn made it all seem like a nice bed time story. We’ve allowed our egos and flesh play the role so well we try to keep the masks on even after the curtains close.

One must come realize the reality and come to term with one’s self, this is not a game, not a show to be so eagerly entertained, this is life. You will experience days where you feel defeated, days where you may cross deserts, meet people who you will love only to feel as if you’ve lost who you are, you will feel as if you can no longer be you and abide to what this world claims you are, a beast, an animal. But listen, I’m here to tell you, get up, wake up, you are loved, you were intricately designed and predestined for greatness, no matter how small the task may be, we are each part of a body that works together, each with it’s own function but as one. Remove the masks, let the curtain come to a close. Life is meant to be lived and though we may find ourselves caught up in the world’s affairs, jobs, bills, and etc, find true value in the people around you, family, friends, love, truth, and above all God, because in the end, this is all that matters.

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