A New Chapter

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​They say I’m a hot mess but also cold, where I find my balance.

Amidst the chaos and storm that rages inside, a mystery of silence to find peace of mind. 

A project constructed to tower to the heavens only to find the ground more appealing. 

Games played yet I pause to come to reality, embracing life apart from distractions.

Disengaging from limitations limiting creative illustrations depicted by words.

Sounds of nature with voices serenading as angels to sing the chorus unheard.

Finding reason, purpose to existence.

Intimately connected with principles embedded by spiritual eloquence.

Beauty marked by heart and scars that spark embers of passion. 

A new man, changed beyond sounds recited through mouths and brought to action.

Deeds envisioned to work as vows spoken.

And so I embark in the journey.

Voyage through deep oceans, lands unseen.

Walking through valleys of shadows gone past. 

Light engulfing me as the dawn approaches and I venture…home.


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