Move Forward, Run

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​Sometimes we look out to the world and can’t imagine the choices we will make. We wake up and follow a schedule. Yet we always find ourselves still stuck or in some sense, hindered, by what is happening in life. The dreams we wish we shared or reached, now seems so distant. Yet it all isn’t, we merely have to look past all the obstacles, look up and be willing to climb in life. 

It’s true, there are moments when you will not feel ready to move on in life. Relationships that turned sour, career paths tha seemed promising and now near impossible to reach or some would say-think. But the truth is sometimes we just need to be honest with ourselves and continue to push forward. Just because you do doesn’t mean you disregard what you feel or think, it just means you are willing to overcome the obstacles and grow as a person.

I can speak in a personal note, we always tend to overthink a situation or even place people in such a way that when things go “south”, we fall to a state that seems as if we are defeated. Trust me, it’s okay to feel like this, use the time you need to grow and learn. But there must also be a point you reach in life that you must say itisenough and in turn, get up, wake up, and move forward. Life is tough, complicated, but that is truly because we let it get to us, what is said or how we perceive it. The reality is life is a blessing, a gift, even that of love. You will berejected and God forbid, you will have heart breaks, but this will show you what you need, what you desire from a relationship as well, help you to understand how not only you need to change but also grow. It took me weeks and months to understand all of this, I’ve said it multiple times. Even if people judge me, I do and can say I love my ex, but I can also say that if it wasn’t for the break up, heart break, I wouldn’t have grown to who I am now nor how I’ve given my life to God. I learned who I was, am, and knew I had to change, I was at fault in many things of my life, closing myself to follow teachings I learned from demons, magick, and etc, I was living a lie and a facade. I still even have people who may see me differently butI am now being as honest as possible, revealing who I am, a writer sharing my soul not just words but also coming into action. I stopped in my constant battles of defeat and allowed the Spirit to use me and grow. I became a writer, use my art, my wisdom, my art, all to help others and grow.

What I am trying to tell you all is this. Life will be perceive to be difficult, you will feel as if the world is against you, but I can truly say, it’s worth it every time to get back up and push on. Love is something as the poets described but also in reality is better, it is real not just a story. Stop worrying about finding the one and continue to move forward and runthe race til you find someone willing to run beside you and give support. That career or dream you have, you can attain it if you work for it, don’t become “comfortable”, chase you dreams and awaken to find them a reality. You can truly do it, push yourself, and don’t let anyone say you can’t. Be reasonable about your faults, limits, and work on them, always willing to give it your all. I write all this not only as encouragement but a brother in the faith andforthose that may not believe in a “higher power” as a friend, from God, saying not to give up.This is the call or answer you may have been waiting for,in your time of waiting or feeling “defeated”, now is you time to get up and start winning. Even if you may have small victories, even if you may not have that high paying job, know that just living and being content in of itself is worth it. appreciate what you have and if you dream of more, think not of greed or lust, but of bettering yourself and giving your best, not only to yourselfbut above all, those you love. Be blessed all. Gee_ology out.


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