An Old Soul

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So they consider me an old soul. One who’s climbing mountains to reach goals. Believing in something or someone worth fighting for. Driven by texts inspired to reach new heights and not just sex. Connected to people beyond likes and comments. Reevaluating standards and people before I make investments. Meaning what is said when forming commitments. Honesty and truth being rooted. Not deriving emotions that are soothing. Nor Enticed by bodies that have me losing. An old soul. Preferring the silence in time to find a peace of mind. Inclined to find knowledge, wisdom, and truth than a drink. Thinking beyond mere thoughts of passing reefs to catching dreams. Escaping materialistic ventures to treasure spiritual endeavors. Flowing from mainstreams to dive within oceans. Searching for love beyond pictures or words. Knowing my faults and failures and finding my identity. So then one can ask why I have not settled. Heart in throes, captured by one beyond moments. Heart aflame, sparking stars with fires stretching space. An old soul. Tired of games, basking in rain. Healer and teacher to help ease pain. Past so scarred and present uplifting. Soaring like eagles and dancing like fishes. Invoked by the God who’s risen. Awakened to depart of the youth of my generation to bring about new vision. An old soul. One who’s grown beyond his years. Seeing the world in fear and taking action as I’ve wiped tears. Gears shifting to no longer be hit in rears. Delivering words now that flow from within. A soldier, a servant, a kid, a man, a reflection of the future, presented in the present. See me not one as the who died so long ago. Crucified with Christ and reformed. See me as I am. An old soul.


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