This Is Love

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​Beating hearts within lingering hugs.

Eyes twinkling like stars amidst the longing glances.

Sparks igniting and lighting up feelings thought lost though the impact filled with passion.

Laughs enjoyed and in unison amongst words spoken deeper in flow.

Time seeming to pass and stopping though moments are born.

Memories of long ago thrown afloat and one another they begin to know.

Hearts exchanged and souls intertwined.

That but a fairy tale made to reality.

Tales written in stone to mark a once upon a time.

Tragedies made and restored from broken pieces. 

Hold not your breath but speak without hesitation.

A sacrifice committed to give.

For in this speak and with bleeding hearts find the moving touch.

Beyond physical senses to be bewildered upon an invigorating flux.

Writing words that reaches dreamers dreams. 

You are the reason, the catalyst.

This is Love.


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